Spanked By My Best Friends Mother During A Sleep Over.

I was staying over at my friend Jamie's house for the night because my mother was on nightshift and so needed a babysitter as I was only 11 and Jamie 10, it was a school day the next morning but we were hungry and I snuck downstairs in my Pokémon PJ's to see what I could find for us to eat in the fridge. I tiptoed up to it and opened the door quietly so as not to waken Jamie's sister and mother as I didn't want to get caught stealing. I found some cheese and cola flavoured ice lollies. It was 2am so I was confident that everyone were asleep but us. I closed the fridge door quietly only to find Jamie's mother standing behind it looking cross. Instantly my heart started pounding in my chest as I knew by bitter experience the spankings Jamie and I had received in the past for naughty behaviour in this house. Jamie's mother asked, "what are you doing raiding the fridge, and why are you not in bed asleep?" I replied meekly that I was hungry. To which Jamie's mother replied, "you know by now what happens to little boys who steal don't you?" I quietly said yes staring at my bare feet (as bare as my bottom would be soon) as if doing so would get me out of my predicament. Without another word I was taken by the hand to the bottom step of the stairs and told that stealing was wrong, why it was wrong etc, shame faced and crying a little I nodded and was told to lay over her knee my head touching the carpeted floor and my bottom raised and legs and feet dangling over her lap. Suddenly I felt my right bottom cheek ablaze with 11 hand spanks (one spank for every year of my life) ten the left cheek received the same punishment. It was just then that I felt a cool breeze on my on fire rear end my Pokémon PJ bottoms had been pulled down. Again my bottom was ablaze with pain spanks raining down between my bottom cheeks until I was crying and promising to be a good boy. When it was over my PJ's were pulled up and told to get to bed this instant which I did laying on my front on the bottom bunk bed in Jamie's room (he was by now asleep) my *** was on fire and cried myself to sleep
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Did you like to be spanked? I did, and I would ask for it.

I used to fantasize about being spanked by my best friends mom. I watched her spank my friend and his older sister on numerous occasions. She jokingly offer to spank me one time, but that was as close as I got. Other then that dad did the spanking at our house. Both my dad and my friends mom both used belts. When I fantasized about her spanking me, it was always over the knee with a paddle.