I was spanked by a very stern, very caring, and often very exhausted divorced mom. She was a wonderful mother but I know I wore her out sometimes. I wasn't a bad child but very energetic and in need of a lot of supervision. I wish some nice man had come into our lives when I was 7 or 8 to help her out with things, including disciplining me when I needed it.
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At least your mother cared enough to give you the discipline you needed. You were lucky to have such a mother.

Good for her. You are lucky that she cared enough to do what had to be done. What did she use on you? Belt on your bare butt? That is what I got. A lot. And well deserved. As long as I was under her roof, including coming home from college on weekends. Younger, she would grab my left hand in hers and "strap dance" me as she smacked me and I tried to get away. Because she had my hand, I ended up dancing around in circles. Early teens, I got too big to try and hold I guess and I got it face down on the bed. My aunt put me over her lap younger and put me face down on the bed after I had an, incident, on her lap

Belt was rare, only got that once from mom. She had a wooden spoon or wooden rod of correction (two taped together rulers). Always bare butt. And always very painful.

I am sure it was painful.. but nothing is as bad as the belt. It feels like it is ripping your butt right off in strips.

Not a single spanking was easy back then. But I agree with javlin. Belt was the worst for me, my dad was a skilled strapper. He made me cry till my last ones in my late teens.