Spanking is something I never thought I would like for I am so unable to handle any form of pain and one day I was with my lover having spanked her and had amazing sex with her, she was such a nymph and she began spanking me and it was such a turn on didnt think i had anythnig else to give but the harder she spanked the deeper i thrust in her until once again i flooded her

loved later experiencing mutual spanking being on our sides spanking one another hearing the whacking of both our *****

i definitely do prefer giving the spanking and being in control but from time to time like being spanked myself
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2010

spanking is something that you like or dont<br />
i was spank all the time growing up by most mom dad few times<br />
i learn to just bare my bottom n get spank over her knees she had spak me till i was early 20s give or take

i just love the feel of a cat whip on my shoulders and lower back not to cause pain or cuts but the sting make me climax and beg for more

me to . i got used to it when i was a child . my mum spanked my bare bottom . often i was unruly as a child