I Was Regularly Spanked And Put To Bed Early In Front Of Witnesses

I grew in up a strict family, who followed the "spare the rod" doctrine.My mother did all the spanking.She believed in "on the spot" punishment. So it did not matter who was there. A spanking always meant a very early bedtime. This went on until around age 15. I always had to get into my pjs before a spanking, often in front of friends or family. It did not matter what the time was. SPanking were always on the bare bottom with either the slipper or hairbrush and otk or touching toes. Also if I had been spanked at school them mother gave me another.I was often in bed by 5pm with a red bottom. I aslo witnessed other friends and family get the same treatment as well.Please share your comments and similar experiences if you wish and feel free to ask any questions
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2 Responses May 26, 2010

in my teens My Peins ALways Got Hard When i was Smacked on My bare bottom By Anyeone . Even The Nuns at The Catholic School i Went to Must have Feelt My Peins Throbbing . When i was over their Knee getting my bottom Spanked . Even With My Trousers on . i No Sister Penny did She said Wait After School David i am going to Teach you not to get Excited When i am Punishing you over My Knee in Class i Hate Rude NaughtyBoys its The Cane for you David . After everyone Went Home . Sister Penny Told Me to Bend over her desk for 6 of The Best Across My Bottom and if i Moved i Would Get Another 6 Whacks on The Bare Bottom . as The Cane Came Down Hard WHACK Across My Bottom it Hurt . But i Could Not Stop Thinking About What Sister Penny Said . on My bare Bottom if i Moved That Made My Peins Start Throbbing in my Underwere .Then The Cane Came Down Harder WHACK Again WHACK and Again WHACK Harder and Harder WHACK . i Jumped up Rubbing My Bottom . Sister Penny said i Told you Not to Move David . i said YES Sister and took my Trousers and Underwere Down so fast Sister Penny had to Look at My Throbbing Peins . Her face went red .i said you did say i Would Get on my bare bottom if i moved . yes i did Get Back over my Desk Now She said . i did as i was Told . Sister Penny said you Deserve A Severe Caning 12 Strokes more Across your bare bottomThen The Cane Came Down Harder Much Harder on my bare bottom WHACK . Sister Penny put her hand on my bum Feeling The Welts Across my bare bottom . My Peins Never Went Down if My Bottom was being Smacked Hard . The Harder i got Smacked The more it Would Start Throbbing . After 12 Verry Veery Hard WHACKS Acrooss My bare bottom from Sister Penny My Pein s was Throbbing so much i Cu m over her Desk . it Happened often After School When Sister Penny was Teaching me A Lession . davidmaher48@gmail.com

My Mum Smacked My bare bottom at A Party for being Disobedient . i was Age 15 Then and Crying Like A Baby . Lots of People and Family Looking at My Bare Bottom Getting RED . With Cousins Uncles and Anties Looking to at My Very Sore Bottom . When i got of My Mums Knees . i was Standing up With My Peins Throbbing Hard and My Trousers and Underwere Down By my Ankles . YES i was Age 15 With My Private Parts Fully Visible and Throbbing Red Bottom . one of My Uncles said to my Mum David Needs to Be Thrashed Severely for having an Erection at his Party . Take Him Ted Mum said . Punish David as you see fit . i Will Give him A Hiding he wont forget . Uncle Ted took me to A Bedroom Locked The Door . and Then took his Belt of and Strapped my bare bottom With me face down Across A Bed . i was in Tears all the time Uncle Ted was Whacking my bare bottom . He was very Brutal . When he stoped and said get of the bed i Stil had A Throbbing Peins . Uncle Ted Took it in his hand and pulled the Skin back saying do you Like This David . i said it Better Than your Belt Across My Bum . He Satt on the bed ************ my Peins . it Throbbed harder in his hand as he did it faster i *** all over him . He Cleaned him Self and my Peins and said David put your Trousers Back on Then he Went .

Wow, I'm all for spanking and love to hear stories reminding me of my childhood. I don't really think of my feelings at the time of the spankings as being turned on, but thinking about them definitely turned me on. I do have a bit of a problem with your story though. What you're explaining happened with your uncle was sexual abuse and not a turn on in the slightest. I'm sorry this happened to you and pray it did not have a lasting effect on your life. Prayers.