I Was Looking Forward To An Exciting Night But Instead Was Spanked And Sent To Bed

I had been excited all day about going to my first floodlit football match on a November evening at the age of 10 in the 1970’s.
My school friend’s dad had a spare season ticket for the match and it had been arranged for about a week that I would go with him and my friend.
My one parent Mum was not exactly ecstatic about me being out way past my bedtime, especially  on a school night, but my friend’s dad had smoothed it over with her and with the seat free all I needed was my 25p train fare and a little bit for extras like a drink and something to eat.
But I am afraid the excitement got the better of me and I really mucked things up by being rude to my Mum in front of a neighbour.
It was 5.30 in the evening and I was eating my tea in the kitchen whilst my Mum had a cup of tea with the woman from next door.
I really was too worked up for any food so I pushed my plate to one side almost untouched but for a couple of mouthfuls and got up from the kitchen table.
Perhaps if I had tried to explain or asked to be excused I might have just got away with it.
As it was my Mum ordered me back to the table to finish my tea and I dug myself ever deeper by arguing with her.
But even before I had finished my sentence she interrupted with a no nonsense tone: “Young man I have gone to the trouble of cooking your tea early so you will sit back down at that table and finish it or there will be no football tonight.” .
These words should have given me the sense to do just that and make the best job I could with regards the contents on my plate.
However my bubbling excitement had turned into anger and I could really feel the adrenalin surging through me.
So instead of doing the sensible thing I well and truly sealed my fate by glaring defiantly at my Mum before muttering: “I didn’t ask for any tea so why are you going on about it”? and then flouncing out of the kitchen.
I knew full well that Mum would not tolerate such rudeness from me even less so in front of a neighbour but I was simply unable to control my tongue from what my heart was telling me.
I had not even got to the hall before I felt her behind me followed by being pulled back by my arm and receiving three hard slaps across my legs.
“How dare you be so rude to me” she shouted “The only place you are going is straight to bed.”
Whether it was the anxiety and expectation of being twenty minutes away from my friend and dad knocking for me I don’t know. But there was a combination of emotions making me naughtier than I had ever been in my life.
“I’m going to football and you can’t stop me” I shouted. At this point the next door neighbour was looking straight at me shocked so I poked my tongue out at her knowing that every act was digging me deeper and deeper but totally unable to stop my tongue help.
I then grappled and had a stand up wrestling match with my Mum who was trying to undo my school trousers and finally managing to do that and pull them half down my legs, the pants quickly followed. There followed five or six hard slaps across my bare bottom by which time my trousers and pants were in a heap on the floor and any thoughts of running out of the front door which had flashed through my head were dashed.
I now felt pretty helpless and the fact I had been now forced into my pyjama bottoms added to that helpless and hopeless feeling because just as my Mum got me into them the knock at the door came.
When my Mum opened the door clutching my pyjama top my friend and his dad could actually see me clearly in the hallway where all this had taken place.
“I’m sorry you have been inconvenienced but as you may guess Gary has been a very naughty boy and the only place he will be going tonight is straight to bed” said my Mum in another no nonsense tone that gave them no doubt that any pleading on my behalf would be in vain.
Seeing my friend standing there in his thick winter Parka, jeans and football colours whilst I stood just a few feet away in my pyjama bottoms summed the hopelessness up.
Just an hour previously I had been looking forward to a football match now a sore bottom was tingling through my pyjamas as a reminder of the last fateful hour.
It might explain why even all these years later I have wet dreams about needing to be at an important date only to suddenly find that I am in pyjamas as I am about to go through the front door with the clock running down.
It wasn’t the first time I had been sent early to bed with a spanking but never before had being put in my pyjamas made me feel so helpless and at the point of no return.
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iwas around 13 an i was playing outside mom had her friend over wiht there daughter she was around 10 they all in kitchen an i came in covered head to toe in mud mom was really mad she said take those dirty clothes off now but mom do it an put them in the wash an come here i did an walk into kitchen naked mom yelled at me pull me over her knees an sapnk me with hair brush in front of all

OMG,i would'nt have sat down for a long,long time if i had spoken to my Mom like that.I would've been over her knee & my bare bottom spanked so hard with either her hairbrush or hand.I most probably would've got another bare bottomed spanking from my Dad as well.You got off lightly.

MILES2662 . me and you were living in a time when home discipline .wes a severe punishment . MOST adults over age50 . have taken severe punishment . my mum blieved a punishment should be severe . and most of the time naked for humiliation . my mum did not care if people new she was very strict and severe . i loved my mum more than anyone ever . and i miss her now she has gone . i even miss her punishing me severely . WELL RESPECTED . MATURE . TRUSTED GENT . AGE 61YEARS YOUNG . HAVING A STRICT UPBRINGING DID ME NO LASTING HARM . i achieved everything i wanted to in my life . thanks to my mum being strict . i had financial freedom at age31 thank to my daddy teaching how to make money . i learned more from my daddy than i ever did at school . my daddy was not very strict . he did take his belt to me sometimes as i was growing up if i deserved it . most of the time he would say i will tell your mum david . that would be enough to put me in line . my mum had the power over me and him . my mum made my daddy teach me how to make a living . i loved them both for that . i have had a strict life but a very good one . thanks to my mum and daddy to . and my life is not over yet . to me oldage is 40years older than me . ageing is not lost youth . it is time for more opportunitys . david.marr1948@hotmail.co.uk

I wouldn't have been able to sit down comfortably for at least three days for doing this!!!


Totally agree with you and it was not to much longer before I did get a proper spanking which made that one look tame as I became naughtier and naughtier.<br />

you got what you deserved . you should have got a proper spanking with a woodenspoon . if i was disrespectfull like that when your age . my mum would have strapped my bare bottom for more than an hour david.marr1948@hotmail.co.uk