Early To Bed Many Times With A Sore Bottom

I was often spanked and sent to bed early right throughout my childhood. Both of my parents believed in the power of a good spanked bottom and often re-enforced the spanking with early bed. It was especially harsh when this happened during the summer months when other children could be heard playing outside and I would be in bed with the threat of "You'd better stay there unless you want to be over my knee again" . If people are interested I will write with one of my experiences of this. Please let me know.
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As a child, I would often think about being spanked, especially bare bottom, and have a strange, achy, feeling in my groin that I could not understand, it would sometimes lead to me laying on my bed, pulling my shorts down and smacking my own bottom, I know now it was the start of my spanking fettish! Also playing spanking games with my best friend, Paul, seemed normal. Probably not!?

At home, where spankings of any kind were always on my bare bottom, I almost always cried. Both my parents used CP with Mum stopping when I was 16 but Dad continuing regular whackings including the cane until I left school at 19 having done an extra 6th form year. Even then until I left uni there were irregular appointments with my Dad to be caned. I always obeyed, always coped but at the time was always nervous before the event.

oh yea many times my parents bare my bottom give me good hard spanking an send me to bed crying for the night

Yeah, Monte's parents were really strict. I can't remember what he told me but he wasn't sitting quite right the next morning. He would have gotten the bare bottomed treatment. It was unusual, though not out of the question, for me, but for Monte, it was a ritual that was as everyday as the evening meal.

In the 1970s, schoolboys were no strangers to a hiding. my dad usually paddled my backside with a ping pong bat, which he kept for that purpose. Sure, two or three slaps of it just dusted your pants and he walloped me that way, a lot of times. But, if I'd been naughty at school, rude or disobedient to mum, he'd give me more than two or three whacks. Once, when I was thirteen, my best friend Monte and I were strapped for wagging school. We were both belted four times on the seat of our grey school shorts and it had hurt. That afternoon, both of our mothers had received phone calls from the school, informing them of their son's behaviour and the consequences. Upon being told, we both rolled our eyes with resignation. "Good luck, Mont," I said as we headed home, "Yeah, you too." My mum was waiting, feather duster in hand. "I've had a call about you and that Monte boy!" Mum didn't approve of Monte.I walked past her without a word. I went to the fridge and opened the door, I bent down to get a drink from the bottom shelf and then, 'Whhaaaakkkk!!!' Mum had swatted my grey shorts with her featherduster! "Ow, Mum!!" I said, holding my hand over my already very sore rump.<br />
"Get to your room, your father's coming home early tonight!" she said ominously.<br />
I must have fallen asleep and when I woke, Dad was in my room, paddle in hand. "Up you get!" he said. We had a ritual; I'd have to stay in my uniform and he'd bend me over the desk and smack my shorts.<br />
"We've tried lots of things before, son, I'm going to try something new." He sat on my bed and said to me, "over my lap." "What? Dad!!" I whined."Now!" he was in no mood for disobedience. "Wait," he said, "unbutton your trousers!" I loosened my shorts and lay over his knee.<br />
Dad pulled down my trousers and said, "It's already pretty red, son" I thought he'd go lightly on me then, but, he smacked my bare bottom about 25 times with that paddle, and hard too.<br />
"Get to bed!" he ordered after I'd gotten up, hands on my backside and tears in my eyes.<br />
I lay on my stomach, "I wonder how Monte's faring?" I wondered as I cried myself to sleep.

i had similar experiences, parents in those days had never heardof "double jeapordy" when it came to discipline.
if i was on the receiving end at school, i always hoped this would not reach my parents ears, often that was the case, however sometimes my parents would find out, and i would get
another punishment, which was normal, but still seemed unfair being punished twice for the same offence,

please tell as moor

Socialise with some vegtables.

Stephen,<br />
Your punishment was the norm during that time. My mum did the canings at home. In the town where I grow up stories travel easily, but fortunately she didn't hear of all my school-canings.<br />
It was only later-on that I discovered that a spanking from a woman is erotic, thus enjoyable to me.

Briangee, I agree what we did was wrong however I actually don't think the punishment was excessive. I was caught stealing and knee how wrong that was and I know that what I got was deserved.<br />
As for your question, I did not enjoy the whacking from dad, but the following day after hearing my name called out for the afternoon appointment with the head, I have to admit to a certain excited nervousness about the impending caning. I had actually started to enjoy seeong other boys being slippered and caned and even a reluctant kind of enjoyment when I was the boy touching his toes.

Ok below is an account of one of the occasions mentioned above.<br />
<br />
I was 14 and it was during the summer school term . I was on the way home from school with my mate Martin and we decided to take a short cut through the allotment. We saw loads of strawberries and before we knew it we were picking and eating loads.<br />
Unfortunately, for us, we had been spotted and suddenly two hands grabbed a handful of mine and Martins hair and yanked us to our feet. When I saw who had caught us I knew we were in trouble as it was a friend of my dad who just happened to be the brother of our headmaster. And of course we were in our school uniforms.<br />
Martin and I lived next door to each other and we were quickly marched home to our respective parents,<br />
My Mum was furious. She apologised to the Dad's friend and she that I would be going to bed early with a sore bottom. He said that he was sure that his brother, the head, was going to be interested that two of his 3rd formers had been caught stealing and were still in school uniform.<br />
I was yanked inside and was yelled at. Then I was told to face the wall in the hall whilst she telephoned dad.<br />
She was soon back and told me that dad would soon be home and that i should hang my blazer up and remove my tie, shirt and school shorts and then return to the wall hands on head.<br />
A few minutes later dad arrived home and I was taken into the lounge and pulled over his knees after first having my white y fronts taken down. He spanked me for about ten minutes and then stood me up and told me to bend over the arm of the settee. I knew that meant he would cane me. I was sobbing already and promising to never do it again but he took no notice and I was given 6 strokes and I yelled loudly with each one.<br />
When he was finished, I was told to get to my bathroom, quickly wash and to be in my pyjamas and in bed in five minutes if I knew what was good for me. So there I was, in bed on a summer's evening before 5 o'clock. He came into my room and told me he was ashamed and that if he heard me out of bed before 7.30 the following morning he would thrash me again.<br />
The following morning when I woke up I suddenly remembered what dad's friend had said about informing the headmaster. I dressed carefully for school after first inspecting the stripes in the mirror. I wanted to make sure that I didnt get a detention or the slipper for any uniform violations <br />
I looked in the drawer for my thickest underpants, which in my case , were woollen cream coloured old fashioned trunk style of the sort I had stopped wearing at the end of the winter. Then I pulled on my long socks and made sure they were straight before putting on my grey shirt and grey short trousers.<br />
<br />
At assembly both mine and Martin's names were called out and we were to report to the head at the end of school. I had found out that Martin had been given the strap at home from his dad.<br />
<br />
At 3.45pm we knocked on the heads door and were told to wait facing the wall. After about 10 minutes we were both called in and asked to explain our actions. Of course there is no explanation for stealing and so he told us we would both be caned.<br />
Martin was told to bend over the desk and to stay there until told to rise. The cane was tapped on his short trousers a few times and then woosh and a grunt from Martin. Five more times the cane landed and by the time the 6th had landed Martin was crying loudly. He was told to stand and put his hands on his head. I was then told to replace Martin over the desk. The head pulled my shorts up at the waist to tighten and smooth them out and then I felt the familiar tapping. All too soon I head a whistle and then the pain exploded in my head. After the 6th stroke I was yelling louder than Martin had and then we were told to get out.<br />
When I got home my Mum again told me to get ready for bed and after a bight to eat I was again in bed before 5pm.<br />
When I rose the following day it seemed that I was now forgiven, but my bottom remained painful for many days<br />