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Spanking Meant Confinement And Early Bed Time

It was pretty basic if I did something bad enough to warrant a pants down/off spanking I was to stay in my room and go to bed early.  Bc I was often naked or at least pantless I often did not redress and can even remember at a fairly mature age being ordered into my PJs and told to stay in my room.  If I got dinner it would be on a tray in my room.  Summer eves were the worst cause where I lived in the midwestern US we got plenty of summer sunlight and it was tough to dall asleep.  I would usually cry for a long time after my spankings and part of it was the frustration and rage at being kept in my room and sent to bed early.
PeterKeller PeterKeller 41-45, M 5 Responses Jan 13, 2011

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like when i was growing up if it was bad spanking bare *** i would get my spanking an cry myself to sleep usually no dinner when that happen<br />
times i got a spanking an then made to come down an sit for dinner in my panties<br />
alot of times my mom owuld spank me in kitchen pants panties down to ankles summer like you was worst the door open an i would be howling crying an my friends can ear outside

I hated having to stay in my room after i had been smacked,it was worse than being sent to the corner,especially if i could hesr all the other kids playing outside,i would always cry myself to sleep.

Like you, as a boy, I did not bother to put my pj pants back on after a sound bare bottom spanking before bed time. I'd lie tummy down, on top of my covers, and hope the night air would help cool off my freshly spanked lil' rear!

yes allways hope the cool air would help my red sore bottom but dindt

I think being stoic is overrated! I cried cause it hurt and cried cause i was scared and when it was over I cried caused I was pissed off!

I can relate. Whenever I got a whipping I had to stay in my room for the rest of the evening and could not come out until morning. Even when I was a teenager. It was very humbling. And I cried for a long time too.