Early Bedtime

If I had been naughty and had annoyed my mother, a spanking and early bedtime was always used. Mother would go upstairs and run a bath and then call me, She would tell me to remove all my clothes in the bedroom and come through to the bathroom where she would then give me a bath afterwards she would dry me and take me into the bedroom still naked, I would then have to lie on the bed and a good spanking would follow afterwards she would dress me in my pyjamas and I would then be put down for the rest of the day until the following morning. Sometimes this could be as early as 2pm
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Damn 2pm is way too early. I hope they fed you supper. We put the boys to bed at 7 when spanked. Sometimes a bedtime reminder spanking is done. We cuddle with them until they fall asleep. Want them to be reminded with a sore bottom but don't want them having to cry themselves to sleep.

me too, sometimes kept all weekend in oversized striped pjs

Sometimes right after supper I would be sent up to take my bath for an early bedtime. Then my mom would spank/walk me from the bath room to my bedroom swatting my hiney with the hairbrush along the way. <br />
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After I was dry my mom would grab the hairbrush from the vanity and I immediatley put my hand on my hiney for protection. She would say "move that hand!" My reply would be "no mommy, please don't spank me".<br />
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"MOVE THAT HAND or else I will spank your hand" I repeated "no mommy, no spanking" but she whacked my hand with that hairbrush and it really hurt as we moved out of the bathroom down the hall to my room. I jerked my hand away and she would land two direct hits with the hairbrush on my hiney. "OW Mommy, no, ow, wah wah wah"<br />
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Then I would put my hand back down to protect my hiney again and she would say "Get that hand out of the way or I'll spank it again!" I said "no mommy, please don't spank me". but she whacked my hand again with the hairbrush and my hand was hurting worse than my hiney. <br />
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Almost at my bedroom and I would jerk my hand away and another 2-3 spanks landed directly on my hiney. Once we were in my room I was in full "cry mode" bawling like a baby. <br />
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My mom would sit down on my bed, pull me over her lap so that I was face down, with my hiney perfectly positioned on her lap. My left arm was immobile due to the way she had me on her lap so instinctively I put my right hand on my hiney for protection. With her left hand she grabbed my wrist and firmly held it out of the way. With the hairbrush in her right hand she proceeded to blister my little hiney for a thorough hiney warming with the hairbrush.

Mmmmmm wana try on me. It may relieve some of your tension.