Spanked By Stepdad

Hi I'm lily I'm 14 I have an older brother Mason he's 17 our dad died when I was 3 Mason was 6 then a year later my mom married Nathan he has one son called Collin he's 11 his mom died in a car crash when he was 4 months Old now my mom and Nathan have 3 kids together 5 year old twin girls ava and Emma and 8 month old boy Kaiden

My mom and stepdad both believe in spanking we all get spanked except Kaiden .it is mostly my stepdad that spanks .

Last Saturday night I got a really sore spanking when I got home at 1 am I was drunk I went straight up stairs my mom called me down so I stuck a chewing gum in my mouth and tried to look normal but I was walking funny so my mom and Nathan new I thought they were going to kill me then they asked was i drinking I said no then Nathan stood up and came over to me he smelt the alcohol of me he said I was and I said no I wasn't in a really cheeky voice then my mom said come here so I went over walking side to side like a drunk person she said you were drinking now bend over my knee so I shouted no I don't ******* want to you ugly piece of shite
And she stood up grabbed my arm and I used my other arm to punch her in the face and walked up stairs got into my pjs brushed my teeth and got into bed. I didnt know that Nathan was going to come up after he helped my mom anyway he came up with a paddle hairbrush and belt I told him to get the **** out I'm trying to sleep he came over grabbed my arm and lifted me out of bed took of my pjs which was one piece set I don't wear a bra to bed so I was naked I called him a perverd he got even angryer he threw me on the bed got his belt and wacked me about 50 times I was screaming and crying then he put me across his knee and got the hairbrush waked me about another 50 times and then the paddle was about 100 times I was screaming crying and taking a fit he then hugged me and lectured me about drinking, cursing and hitting. my bum was so sore now I'm grounded as well for 3 months but I'm going to sneak out tomorrow and drink again . I don't care what he does but I won't let him spank me again
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You should not disobey again, the alcohol causes you harm and your stepfather gave of a beating was not to help you drink more ... and if you're going to drink again I think it will be much worse

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ong you are wrong for that but the drinking seriously at ur age? u would have been in jail if the cops found out. don't drink again please it is bad for you

your butt will hurt, so what happened.

so you were drinking at 14?


Is Mason and Collin still spanked and have you ever seen them get spanked before? Are spankings over clothes or bare bottom and does your mom see yall spanked sometimes too? Are girls and boys treated equally in your family for spankings?

That was a very good story, Lilly. Thanks for sharing it. Also, let me appologize for giving you advice that you didn't ask for in another story.

I once knew a woman who had been spanked by her stepfather as a teen. Her father had been killed during the war. Because she missed her read dad, she didn't accept her mother's new husband as her father. Her stepfather's kindness toward her only served to build up her resentment. Her mother had talked to her about her attitude. But,like a typical teen, she pretended to listen. <br />
<br />
Not knowing parents talk about when their big girl needs a spanking, the teen was polite with her mother was around and difficult when she wasn't. One day, as teens often do, she said she pushed things a little too far and screamed that she didn't have to listen to him because he wasn't her real father. <br />
<br />
Instead of getting mad, her stepfather told her it was time for them to talk. She didn't want to listen until her stepfather telephoned her mother at work and handed his stepdaughter the phone. She said her mother told her that she and her stepfather had talked about her attitude. The bottom line was that either she could do what her stepfather told her or, when her mother came home, she would get two spankings - one from her mother and the second one from her stepfather. <br />
<br />
Although still angry inside, she said she didn't feel as if she had any other choice than to listen to her stepfather. Her stepfather then told her how much he loved her mother and how much he had been hurt by her meanness. The woman said, she turned him off until the told her the time had come for a spanking. She didn't belive he would actually do it until stepfather reached over had pulled her across his lap. She said she couldn't believe it was really happening until she felt his had firmly connect to her backside. <br />
<br />
Finally, the pain and embarrassment overwhelmed her and all of her pent up emotions came tumbling out. She said, although she couldn't explain it at the time, there was something in the way he spanked her that said he really cared. She said that spanking broke the ice between them. <br />
<br />
When her mother got home, she told her what happen. She said her mother hugged her and told her she already knew because she and her husband and talked about it. They were just waiting until the time was right for him to do it. After that, she accepted him has her father because she knew both of her parents cared.

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Thanks for sharing this with us. I dont think its a good idea to keep going out getting drunk though, do you enjoy getting belted?<br />
I dont think you should've spoken to your mum like you did, but you were drunk and suppose didn't think straight.<br />
Had I or my my siblings come home drunk at 14, been rude and then went on to punch our mum, then we would've got the hiding of our life.<br />
We never disrespected our parents and grew up in 70's/80's things were slightly different then to now, but my Pa would've been mortified if I had punched my mum.<br />
I think your stepdad gave you alot of whacks, you say he got angrier as he did so and you called him a pervert, not surprised he gave you more but can understand the way you must've been feeling. I dont agree you should've been naked, just had your bottom half bared, esp at 14, all kids need dignity when being spanked.<br />
Its good he hugged and lectured you after, but has it worked or you still determined and defiant to go out and do the same again.<br />
If we ever did the same thing again we'd been punished for we felt we were letting our Pa down and was very rare we got spanked for the same thing, as we always learnt and knew that it was wrong. Didnd't stop us from getting spanked though, although it wasn't a very regular thing as there was alot of respect in our family and we knew that if we did something bad it not only gave us a sore backside but we had let our parents down.<br />
One thing Pa always said to us was 'never let me have to do that to you again for the same thing.' he knew that most times he never would have to.<br />
<br />
Do you not get on very well with your step father? seems you have alot of kids there with step brothers/sisters etc, cant be easy for you.<br />
You say you wont let him spank you again, well how easy will that be?<br />
If we wanted to get out of being spanked we couldn't, he was a strong man and although he was very gentle with us, if we resisted we knew he would take it upon himself to position us and make us understand it was going to happen.<br />
If we did disobey and try and get out of it he would often say it would be worse for us, then we'd do as we were asked, sometimes we would still try and prevent it and he'd give you that stern but loving look of his and physically put you into position (not roughly) or if we didn't do as he asked he promised us a more severe spanking.............I dont know how big/strong your stepdad is but you may find he will use the belt on you again and hairbrush if you like it or not.<br />
Let us know how you're doing.

Thank you for reading my experience .my stepdad is big and strong he is 6 ft 2 and he is a bouncer at a bar so he has to be strong.I am doing fine now.I went out last night was drinking again . My stepdad found out and came and found me took me home . When we got home he tried to spank me again i wouldn't let him so my mum came up to help finally they Gave up trying to bend me over their knee Nathan lift me and bent me then he gave me another sore spanking I don't think I will sneak out and drink again well maybe not for a good while