Custer's Last Stand

I should have known better. When I entered 6th grade, I decided that my middle name was spelled "trouble". Everyone thought it was cute. I was a second (and last) child and had been living a life of : "Oops, I forgot. Oh, well". At that time, spanking was something of the past. Ancient history to be exact. If I had been spanked, it was usually just a few slaps over the knee by hand or even with a hair brush, but nothing beyond that. Now my sister, she had been spanked a lot harder, but she was three years older, too.
Here I was twelve years old and on top of the world. I had been grounded - again for something really silly, like not turning my homework in or so. But it was a nice weekend and my best friend had a birthday party and I sooooo wanted to go. After breakfast I helped mom with her dishes and we had a nice conversation. I asked very nicely and politely, if I could go to that party. No! I offered to be grounded for the next two weekends. No! I offered to be grounded for the next two weekends and do laundry and dishes for the next two weeks. Honestly, I thought that was an offer she could not refuse. She could, and she did. Well, nice apparently didn't work, so I raised my voice that I really needed to go there. She told me not to raise my voice. I started to get mad and said that it was my voice and I "damn ******* raise it" when I want to. Then she told me that she didn't like my attitude, and I responded that I did and she better live with it. She sent me to my room and I made sure that everyone in the house knew that I was MAD. I slammed the door so hard that you could hear the mortar crackle in the door frame. My sister looked at me as in saying that I would be in serious trouble now. I kind of figured that myself and yelled: " I don't care what she does. I hate her."
Nothing happened. You know Why? Because I was right and she was wrong, and she knew it. I sat on my bed pouting for a while. Then I got dressed to go out. I was determined that I would go to that party. Besides, I was right and she was wrong. But we had already established that. When I was done, I went into the kitchen and told mom that I was leaving and she told me not to even think about it. I became more bold instead. I lifted my T-shirt and flashed my boobs and told her that I am a grown woman and there was just nothing she could do about it. Then I told her that she was the one with the attitude issues and she needed to go to her room. And I expressed my expectation that she would have changed them by the time I got back,. I underlined this with "End of discussion".
I didn't have time to even think, let alone react and I was in my room, mom holding on to my arm and telling me to undress. Then she left. Sister looked at me and congratulated me for entering the real world. Then she told me that I better do as mom told me. Mom came back in and I was still standing there. There was no way around it. I had to undress all the way, even the socks. She made me sit like that on the bed and I heard a lecture of blah, blah, blah, and about respect. Not that I thought of this being important and I really didn't care, what she had to say. She told me that she was going to whoop me ten times with that belt. She told me to stand up and bend over. I definitely was not going to do this. This was so totally ridiculous and I began arguing with her. She told me that if I didn't like the 10, she was going to have to give me 15 instead. Now that was so insane. I didn't want the 10, so why would I want to stand up for 15? She counted to three. I didn't move. She counted to three again. Again I defied her. If she wanted to whoop me that bad, I was going to make her work for it. I stretched out my legs and stiffened them. If she was trying to pull me up, I would slide off the bed on the floor and then what. Mom counted again to three. I didn't budge. I should have known better. My brain and my eyes were not coordinated enough to grasp what was happening next. Mom somehow ended up standing in between my legs and with her left hand lifted my right leg, so that I lost my balance and fell backwards, which allowed her to spread my legs apart. I have no clue where that hair brush came from. I saw it descend in rapid succession about eight or ten time right in between my legs. By the time my brain registered "pain attack", she was done and asked if I wanted more of that or if I was willing to stand up and bend over. If I have had one, I would have waived a white flag. I willingly stood up. Mom made sure that those 15 lashes were all accounted for. I could feel the welts growing and then I had to sit down in the corner of our room, which did not have carpeting but hardwood floors. It was terribly uncomfortable. Mom told me to stay there and not move. If I had to go to the bathroom, I had to call her and she would escort me there. The door had to remain open.
What made matters worse was that my aunt and uncle came over a little bit later to drop off their two sons Aaron (3) and Jacob (5). Aaron of course had to go "pee-pee" and ran to the bathroom past my door. On his way back, he stopped to say "hi" and looked. Then he went back into the living room and announced to the world that Missy is sitting naked on the floor and that he had seen my booboo (boobs), OK, I admit it sounds cute, but back then it was not funny, so stop smiling. Needles to say, mom explained that little girls ( I guess she meant me) had to be punished sometimes, when they were bad.
I sat there for the remainder of the day. After my cousins had left, mom gave me a nightgown to wear. Then she held me, kissed my eyes and told me that she loved me very much and that what I had done really hurt her. I felt pretty bad, to be honest, because she really did a lot for us. But somehow we never quite realize this when we grow up.
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Wow you were rebellious and got off easy.

this is embarrassing, were you naked all that time infront of everyone.

I'm not sure. Were you just stupid or are you really that gutsy? I cannot even fathom, maybe I should say, I don't want to fathom what would have happened to me, if I would have acted like that. I am tempted to say that I would have been very naked in front of an audience of my brothers and sisters. Mother probably would have "whopped" my butt with her rubber strap and would have rubbed a big fat layer of Vick's on there and put it on fire. I think I probably would have had difficulties sitting for the next week or two.