The School Bus

The school bus
Does anyone else remember getting in trouble on the school bus? I can remember a few different times, and it always ended in my mom spanking my bare butt.  I had the same bus driver throughout elementary school.  A nice lady, Ms. J, she loved her job and all of us kids.  So she would put up with a lot.
I remember I would always get rambunctious on the way home.  The bus stop in my neighborhood was right in front of my house.  Mom would usually be standing at the door to watch us walk up the hill and greet us.  The first time I remember getting spanked for acting up on the bus I was in 2rd grade, and I had turned 8 earlier in the year.  It was warm out, so it must have been towards the end of school year.  I had been a little too much to handle for the student bus monitors to handle (I forget what exactly those kids were called, but they wore the orange belts, and stood in front of the bus if the kids had to walk to the side opposite of where they were let off at).  Ms. J had been (looking back) pretty cool about it, I spent a week sitting in the seat right behind her so that she could keep a closer eye on me.  I remember it was a Wednesday because that Monday I could sit where ever I wanted to, and I didn’t cause any trouble, but on Tuesday I was standing up, and yelling, before getting off the bus on Tuesday Ms. J had told me that if I misbehaved the next day that she was going to tell my mom. 
Then Wednesday afternoon, like kids do I forgot all about being scolded by Ms. J the day before and that afternoon I thought it would be fun to move seats after the bus stopped to let kids off.  I did it twice, and the back bus monitor told me to stop, but I didn’t.  Then Ms. J told me to stay in my seat and not to move again until I got off the bus.  So I waited another stop, and then I had one of those moments that when you look back you just think to yourself, ‘what the hell were you thinking?!’. 
There were 3 more stops until I got off the bus, and I figured if I moved right after the bus started moving Ms. J wouldn’t notice.  The bus stopped, the kids got off the bus, and when Ms. J started moving again I went to the seat diagonal to where I had been.  ‘KATELYN! What did I just tell you?’ Ms. J shouted. The next stop was just down the neighborhood, so after all the kids got off Ms. J told me to get my things and to come sit in the seat behind her.  We had to ride all the way back up the neighborhood and over to the next street where the next stop was at my house.  She told me I wasn’t to get off of the bus until she talked to my mom.  I asked her not to and told her I would behave but she said I had already had all the chances I was going to get and she had to tell my mom. 
We pulled up at the stop, and my older sister got off of the bus, along with the other kids.  My mom was standing at the door and Ms. J waved her to come down to the bus.  Mom already knew I spent the week before sitting up front with Ms. J, so I am sure she knew something was up when Shannon was off the bus and she was getting waved down to the street.  My mom stood at the bus door and Ms. J explained that the day before I had been warned about shouting and standing up on the bus (again) and today I was switching seats and moving around while the bus was in motion.  Mom stepped up on the first step and apologized, scolding me in front of the few kids that were left on the bus.  She told Ms. J that she and I were going to sit down and fix this problem as soon as we got to the house.  I was sniffling and promising Ms. J I would behave and stop acting up on the bus and apologizing for causing trouble.  As I got off of the bus mom took my backpack and Shannon’s backpack in one hand and had a grip on my arm with the other, as we walked up to the house she told me I was in big trouble, as if I didn’t already know. 
Shannon stayed outside to play with the neighborhood kids; my little sister was in the living room playing with some toys.  I took off my shoes while Mom put our backpacks down and told me to go sit in the kitchen and wait for her.  Mom checked on my little sister and I had to wait a few minutes knowing I was in big trouble.   When she came into the kitchen she pulled a chair away from the table and she grabbed my arm, pulling me towards the chair. Mom had me in front of her; she swatted the seat of my pants and asked me what had gotten into me, she was scolding me and asking me about what I had done and why.  I had my hands on the seat of my jeans rubbing from the swats she gave me while she was undoing my pants and pulling them down.  She told me to step out of them.  I pulled them the rest of the way off and begged her not to spank me, which didn’t work.  Before I could say much mom was sitting down and I was over her knee with her hand smacking the seat of my panties.  I cried and promised I would behave, but mom was pretty upset and her response was to yank down my panties and really begin to spank me.  I bawled my eyes out.  When mom finally stopped and stood me up I dropped to the floor crying and rubbing my butt.  She told me to go to my room and finish crying it out. 
I stayed in my room for a while before mom came upstairs and hugged me and told me it was all over, but if Ms. J ever told her I was acting up again on the bus she would spank me twice as long and with the hairbrush (which I hadn't had experienced, but I had heard my sister get a spanking with it, so I knew I didn't want one!)  I was an angel on the bus after that… at least for the rest of the year.
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When I was in 2nd grade I was paddled by the principal for acting up on the school bus. When I got home I also get belt whipping from my dad.

I feel for your experience. I didn't have to take the bus because I lived only four blocks from school and had my big sister and little brothers with me as well. Linda walked to and from with a girlfriend who lived in the next block. With these two older kids, there was no way we could get into trouble. [P.S. In the apartment I live in now, the schoolyard is three feet from my back gate.]

Thanks for the memory, I too earned one after a school bus incident where i got into a fight with another kid

You had to learn the hard way on that one!

indeed I did!!!

The threat of the hairbrush! I know how powerful a deterrant that can be. My mom started me on the hairbrush when I was 7 but even before then I saw her give it to my older brother and knew that it wasn't anything I would want to happen to me. Alas, my day eventually came.

Thanks for sharing your story. It's so cute that a spanking on your bare hiney could turn you into an angel for the rest of the year.

It's a possibility. My mom used the hairbrush on me, but apparently brighteyedsmile didn't have the stubborn hard head I did at her age.
I got more of those wicked spankings and a red bottom more times than I care to count.

Mom sure gave u agood spankingforvthat one

yes she certainly did!

One to remeber :) lol hope u have a good day :)