My Very Rough Day

Most of the time, I was very respectful to both of my parents. For one thing, I respected them both and in no way wished to hurt their feelings, secondly, I always knew that disrespect or backtalk of any kind quite frequently resulted in my having a very sore future ahead of me.

I can recall one day being in a very foul mood. I was not doing what was asked of me and continued to sigh, pout, and roll my eyes at my mom every time she tried to discuss the matter with me. Finally, she told me she had, had enough and immediately ordered me to my room. At this point I probably could have dodged the bullet if I had acted really contrite and apologetic. Instead, I stormed off to my room and slammed the door.

For some strange reason, I assumed nothing was going to come of this, at least not immediately, 10 minutes later though my mom came in to my room holding the belt and I knew I was in big trouble. I tried to plead my case and apologize but she said the time for that was passed. I was ordered to bare myself from the waist down and bend over the bed. She probably didn't give me more than 8-10 lashes but they were strong enough that I was very uncomfortable for the rest of the day. My mom could rarely get me to cry though. That was not the point, it was to demonstrate how upset she was, and to warm my butt up for the main event that evening.

At this point, she ordered me to grab the heavy leather strap, and go down to our basement to await my father. This was the worst, not only was it dark and boring down there, it forced me to sit and stare at what was soon to be the sight of my correction. As you can imagine, the images going through my head, along with the dread were not pretty. Finally, after about an hour or so, my dad arrived home and he and my mother came into the basement. My dad got down to work very quickly and he had me begging and promising almost at the very start. While my dad was not a cruel man, he believed in spanking severely so that he'd have to do so less frequently. Each lash of that strap felt like a bomb going off on my butt.

Finally, my dad stopped at what he thought was an appropriate point. What happened next though is what made this particular spanking so memorable for me, and made me realize how upset I had made my mom. She told my dad, "I'd like you to give him some more so that he thinks twice before he treats me that way again." While I am not sure my dad agreed with her, he realized for her to make such an unusual request, I must have really angered her. He lashed me 10 more times at full strength across the back of my thighs. I was completely despondent by the time he was done. I ended up apologizing though to my mom because I realized how much I had hurt her by my actions. That was a very uncomfortable night though.
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Was that the worst spanking you ever got? Did mom see you totally bare the first time she spanked you and then again when dad spanked you in basement? What age were you?

Probably one of the worst if not the worst. There were a few times over the years where my dad by himself would give me the strap and then finish with this nasty wooden paddle he had. Those were probably worse. I was 16. Yes my mom saw me bare, every single spanking I ever received was on the bare. No exceptions.

William, after you got that first spanking from your mom on the bare did she let you get dressed to walk to the basement with the strap and wait for dad or did you have to take the walk bare to the basement. We're you naked from waist down in the basement and did mom feel sorry for you? I know she had to see everything and was that the last spanking you got from dad and mom since you were 16.

What things were you spanked for at ages 13-15 and were those spankings bare too and from mom and dad? How many times a year at those ages were you spanked and were you ever spanked for something that happened in Jr Hi?

Oh what state were you from and did they spank you in schools back then? Did you get spanked by friends parents or aunts and uncles in the past?

A father mom spanked you first did she. Send you to t he basement bare bottom or let you get dressed and again undressed in basement. How old we're you and sounds like spankings were a learning experience.

Bad day indeed.

" I stormed off to my room and slammed the door."
LOL!! OK, Who hasn't tried this at least once? Has it EVER had a positive result?