Ripe Red Cherries Can Cause Bare Bottoms To Blush.

I do love cherries. OH they are so good. Especially tree ripe, hand picked cherries. You can have your cashews, chocolate drops, and pretzels. Give me a big bowl of cherries with the stems still attached, and I'm in heaven.

Our next door neighbor owned one of the largest, and oldest cherry trees in the county. It is truly magnificent. It's size is easily 80' tall, and 30 feet wide, with wonderful thick gnarly limbs. Its estimated to be about 120 yrs old. it's a true wonder to look at, and a mystery of sorts because cherry trees in our area never get THAT big or produce that much.

In the spring everyone loves the cherry blossoms this tree could produce. Those massive pink & white blooms could brighten even a starless night. And when those blooms morphed into red ripe cherries - I was there!!

The problem with this romantic beginning is: I wasn't allowed to be there.

Our neighbor Mr. Hitchins was a nice enough guy. He was always joking around with me and my sisters. He would let us use his little hillside to go sled riding when there was enough snow, but he wouldn't let us climb that tree. That wonderful, beautiful, easy to scale tree. Tree climbing was off limits. No fair! We didn't have any good climbable trees in our yard, and Mr. Hitchins had the best kind ever. Easy to climb high, lots of large strong limbs, and it offered something no other tree in our neighborhood could offer. Really yummy treats!

My first attempt at scaling the Mt. Everest of hardwoods was when i was about 8. I knew very well that the tree was off limits - but I heard that rule WAY back when i was "only 6 and 7". Then I was a mighty, and more capable 8 now. Certainly the no climbing rule didn't apply anymore, i rationalized.

I'd climb up to a high limb that was loaded down with ripe cherries. I fashioned my t-shirt into a pouch at my tummy and load up with so many cherries that someone might suggest that I looked like a pregnant 8 yr old.

That's when Mr Hitchins spotted me. "Kelly... honey, you cant climb this tree. it's too old, and not safe"

Too old?? That tree easily supported my 65 odd lbs. I tried to reason with him. ", come down now". Sigh. "Ohhhhhh kaaayyyyy" i would say...reluctantly.

This is when I discovered my wearable fruit-of-the- loom cherry carrier was a flawed idea. I couldn't hold on to my massive harvest AND use both hands to climb down. A true dilemma for any diehard cherry lover.

"Kelly... Now. please. Im worried.". Mr Hitchins reminded.

"Coming" I replied. Left with my only option, i released my bounty out of my t-shirt and onto the ground below. Then I started the climb down. Or - tried too. Seems climbing down with cherry juice stained hands was more difficult than I anticipated. It was slippery, and i was losing my grip. Mr. Hitchins came to base of the massive trunk and helped me down by yelling up directions on which limb to step on next in a clearly concerned voice. When i was about 6' from the ground. I jumped, falling on my butt, and squashing about 3 dozen over-ripped cherries that had already fallen off the tree days before.

Mr. Hitchins helped me up, brushed the squashed cherries off my shorts and reminded me of the rules. If I wanted cherries, i needed to pick them up from the ground, or from branches that could be reached from the ground. NO CLIMBING! In his typical fashion, he explained, "If you fell down from up there, you'd get blood all over my grass and I'd have to clean it up".

He always had an odd sense of humor.

He walked me home and had a "little talk" with my mom. We all stood on my front porch as Mr. Hitchins made his report, all with mom nodding in agreement, and saying words for me. "Oh, she knows about the no climbing rule. And she wont be climbing anymore... will she?" Looking at me directly. I could only shake my head no. Mr Hitchins, seeing i was in trouble then re-explained his concerns.

"I just don't want you to fall. You could get very hurt, and I'd hate to see you hurt".

My mom agreed and sent me inside, and she and Mr. Hitchins talked grown up talk for a minute or so before coming back inside to see me.

She walked with me to my room where she sat on my bed with me in front of her. She calmly asked "how many times have we told you about that tree Kelly??" I shrugged. "Plenty!! Now lets get these shorts off you. I dont want you to stain the furniture" as she pulled down my cotton shorts and panties. Stepping out of them I stood back up and looked at her not sure if she just wanted me to change, or if something more drastic was about to occur. I did offer one attempt at a feeble excuse. "Mom, i was collecting the cherries as a surprise for YOU!"

Sadly, It didn't work.

It didn't take more than a few seconds before mom patted her lap, and drawing me closer. "Come on, over mommies lap. You know what mommy does when you break the rules". Sniffling i didn't resist her gentle tug to place me over her lap. A minute or so of more scolding about not breaking rules and "what would happen if.." statements ended with thirty-some quick and sharp spanks to my upturned cherry stained bottom.

It wasn't as bad as I expected though. Stung for sure, and enough to bring tears and crying, but not the "master blaster" level spankings I would normally get when i teased my sisters into tears or when i dumped a pile of freshly ironed clothing on the floor in order to pull out the top I wanted that was always located at the bottom of the pile. I think mom may have felt a little pity for me. After all, she loves cherries just as much as me.

As the weeks went by and cherry season was closing, I spent countless hours staring out my kitchen window at Mr. Hitchins tree. Large bunches of unreachable cherries dropped to the ground - completely wasted. One could feed the homeless for a month with all those cherries. But Noooo. No climbing. I could fall. My personal safety was being put ahead of the cold and hungry. How selfish.

A year later, this very adventurous girl with 9 full years of life experience under her belt had a plan! I grabbed a plastic shopping bag to hold cherries and a rope that I found in the garage. Once again, I scaled the off-limits tree and collected cherries. But this time - I used the rope to tie myself to the tree. In my head, I had solved the "you could fall" reasoning by using the rope. And once again, Mr. Hitchins met me at the base of the tree, looking very annoyed at me. And once again we walked together to my home. And once again had a conversation with mom. This time - mom was mad. REALLY mad.

"Kelly Marie!! Room. Now!"

What followed wasn't a very calm sit down discussion with mom explaining her expectations. It was "take em". I did. And she left my room.

Mom leaving my bedroom before a spanking meant one thing and one thing only. She was getting the spanking spoon. Now crying as hard as I could hoping maybe they would have some reaction to reduce my sentence, mom came back in, pulled me forcefully over her knee and gave me, yet another, "master blaster" spanking.

Now, 15 yrs later, that tree is still there, strong and grand as ever. If I'm back home visiting mom during cherry season, that tree still teases me as I safely admire it from the kitchen window.

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Great story more detail about the spanking would help

Awww. I so loved this. Its so cute!! It reminded me of a time when I picked peaches from a neighbors peach farm with a neighborhood friend. Did it matter that it was a commercial peach farm and picking peaches was the same as stealing? Not when we were 10. Like your mom, my dad never hesitated to spank me or my sisters for whatever reason.

My mother would have done the same thing!

Thank you Kelly for such a well written memory.

Wonderful story! I've always loved the "escorted home by a neighbor" type of spanking story, especially if the neighbor knows what is going to happen. ;> My wife has told me a story about sneaking over to a neighbor's garden to get some tomatoes. LOL...tomatoes aren't sweet like cherries and she was busted for stealing them, but she suffered the same consequence when the neighbor brought her home. I'm starting to post some stories based on her remembrances; she and her sisters got spanked quite a lot. Thank you for your nice remembrance.

I have always loved cherries too. I can understand your continual fascination/temptation with that tree! I would have had similar problems if I had lived near a tree like that no doubt!

I enjoyed your cherry climbing adventure! Really well written story that made me smile (not the spanking part) you had some humor in here that I found to be funny. I think that tree would be tempting to any child who loved to climb trees and loved cherries. I could see myself doing the same thing, I loved to climb trees and cherries are at the top of my favorite fruit list. :-)

Excellent story. I like your writing. Your mom must have been furious when you climbed that tree again. Funny how the kid in you probably still would like to climb up there and pick some cherries. :)

Very cute story, dear. I'd love to see that tree and taste those delicious cherries!

I like your stories keep writing them

You are one gifted story teller, Kelly. I always enjoy reading something new from you, even when I probably shouldn't ("Better Late Than Never"). The way you describe the scenes and weave humor into your stories makes them so much fun to read.

wow your mum sure new how to keep you under control