Annoying Micheal

There are disadvantages for a kid living in a rural neighborhood right smack in the middle of nowhere-special. One big one is lack of playmates. Our home wasn't in a "subdivision" - so to speak. My immediate neighbors didn't have kids our age. Just annoying older boys. The only thing my sisters or I would be for them are legitimate snowball targets. The homes where kids my age lived were spread wider apart with barb wired horse grazing fields separating us from each other.

Visiting a friend that lived close by meant a long walk or a bike ride. More often than not, friends and classmates had to be imported to my home, or me to a friends home if we wanted to spend quality playtime together. Such was the case with me and my friend Madison.

Madi was lucky enough to live in a true subdivision. A "richy" one. Her home was located in one of those gracefully named subdivisions that suggested wealth and prosperity - The Manors "at" Whispering woods. Her home was one of the last, and largest, and on an equally impressive street named "Thunder Mountain road". I didn't realize it until later, but Whispering woods isn't a real destination. It can't it be found on any map or GPS chart. It's just a name the developers gave to their building project. But when you're 7, it was far more impressive than our little 75 yr old 3 BR home on Cedar St.

It goes without saying that Madi's home was GY-Normous. Her living room which was "off limits" to children had 2 story ceilings, a balcony, leather furnishings and a black grand piano (which I later found out nobody played) was featured in a corner next to the built-up fireplace.

Her bedroom was equally impressive. Her personal closet was the size of the bathroom in my home. Our ONE bathroom. She had FOUR! Her room was painted pink and purple, with cloud murals crafted on the sky-blue ceiling. She had a large Victorian doll house that would make Barbie seem like she was on food stamps, and best of all - Bunk beds. Bunk beds were just too cool. On the rare times I could sleep over, I was given the privilege of climbing up the small wooden ladder to sleep in the top bunk.

We knew each other though our parents. Madi's mom and my mother often volunteered to work in the kitchen during church socials and other community get-together's. When we had a scheduled play date, our Moms would spend hours and hours sitting at the kitchen table talking, drinking coffee and having grown up treats. Madi and I had more adventurous things to do than just talk. We were there to play - and play we did!

One day while at Madi's, my mom had just left and Madi and I were busy outside playing in what I would call the front yard. To Madi's family, it was simply known as "the grounds". Shortly after, a boy from down the street came rolling by on a skateboard. He was about 10 or 11, and Madi told me his name was Annoying Micheal.

Micheal had a reputation for teasing and being a bully to the younger girls in the neighborhood. He stopped in front of the home and started teasing Madi, calling her "Four Eyes" and "Aww..look at widdle baby she gonna cwy?" He would continue his teases over and over and over again because Madi wore glasses and was very short for her age.

"Shut up MMMMMicheal!!! Leave us alone!" Madi would scream back. Micheal continued despite her protests with other insults about her blond curly hair and basically anything mean he could possibly think of.

Not to be silent myself, I too screamed at the annoying boy. "Yeah...get out of here. Your not very nice!!" I added to Madi's objections.

"I don't know who you are -- but YOOOURRR UGLY!" Annoying Micheal shouted back at me. I was not about to be out-shouted by a cocky boy, and I retaliated by yelling the most witty insult I could think of.

"Ohhh Yeaaaaah??!! "

Annoying Micheal continued his verbal attacks and Madi and I would scream back something equally stupid. After a few moments more of this back-and-forth banter I became very frustrated with him. I spied a rock on the ground that was about 1" in diameter. Without thinking, I snatched up that rock and threw it at Annoying Micheal, hoping to scare him away. I wanted to throw it over his head or just near him. (honest!!!). Given my history of not throwing anything with ANY level of precision, both Madi and I were stunned when my rock clocked Micheal right on the forehead - sending him down, crying.

Adding to this initial shock was my name being screamed 4 feet behind me by Madi's mother. "Kelly!! Oh My god! WHAT have you done?!" She apparently had come out of the house to see what all the shouting was about, just in time to witness my fateful mistake at close range.

She dutifully ran to the crying boy, and at the same time kept looking back at us in absolutely disgust and disbelief. Madi and I stood petrified, wide eyed, and with both hands over our mouths the whole time. After a few moments, Annoying Micheal was back on his feet and being sent on his way. And Madi's mom turned towards us.

"I have a good mind to call your mother young lady!!" She scolded as she stomped up the long path from the road to where Madi and I stood with our feet feeling like they were stuck deep in concrete. "I think we both know what would happen then, don't we??" I stood silent" "DON'T we?" she asked again leaning in, and I quickly nodded in silence. Very upset, she  pulled me closer to her, reached behind me,  grabbed the bottom edge of my cotton shorts and panties and pulled them skyward into the highest, most painful wedgie known to mankind, and spanked my scared little bottom 3 or 4 times sharply. She turned to Madi and gave her 2 quick swats as well for egging on Micheal and not ignoring him as she was previously instructed.

"In the house with both of you. I'm VERY disappointed with you Kelly." she added.

Into the palace we walked at the quick step. I was still crying from the spanks and the utter shock that my little rock grounded Annoying Micheal. We were quickly ushered into the forbidden living room and placed in adjacent corners where we were to stand for 20 minutes. I was mortified. All i could think of is how embarrassed I was to have been spanked by Madi's mom. How naughty i was for throwing a rock, how my bottom stung and crotch ached from the record setting atomic wedgie, and the worst part; the tummy-twisting feeling of wondering what Madi's mom would do next.

My mind was going 200 miles an hour listening to Madi's mom in the kitchen on the phone with Annoying Micheals parents, frantically offering apologies and her best wishes to injured boy. I couldn't help but wonder in terror as I stood silent in the quiet corner. Would she give me another spanking? I wasn't sure. That was the first time another adult had ever spanked me, so i was confused. Is she going to tell my mom? -- who would no doubt give me an over knee spanking once we got home? *Gulp*.

After she was off the phone, I didn't hear much of the lecture Madi's mom was giving us while our noses kissed the corners of the tall walls. I recall a few word fragments about "rocks", and "dangerous", and "losing an eye", and "not thinking". I'm quite sure some very important things could have been learned, had I not been so scared and embarrassed.

When corner time was complete, her mom called us over to stand in front of her, the same as my mother would do right before spanking me. My tears started to flow again and kept telling her mom how sorry I was, and twitched as I stood close. She reached up to wipe my tears away and said something like "I can see you are dear, and i'm sure this won't be happening again, will it?" I nodded, accepting her statement as true. Madi also nodded. She concluded our session by dismissing us to Madi's bedroom. "Ok, now you two go and play nicely".

Still in shock from the whole ordeal, Madi and I went to her room and spent the next hour in complete silence as we played with her dollhouse. It wasn't until her mom came into the bedroom with a tray of fresh-made chocolate chip cookies and milk did we crack a smile. After the cookies were consumed and the milk glasses sucked dry, we opened up to each other again and played normally, trying to make the best of our remaining time together.

About two hours later, my mom showed up to pick me up and when I heard Madi's mom call me "Girls, come downstairs, Kelly's mom is here" my heart sunk once again with the idea that mom was about to be told of my misdeed.

I gathered my things and reluctantly went down to greet my mom. She seemed cheerful and asked if I had a good time. I could only respond "uh huh" because i was still certain that my goose was about to be cooked. Madi's mom then spilled the beans - kind of. "It was a rough start since the girls had a run in with a neighborhood boy this afternoon".

"Annoying Micheal" Madi added with a grim voice and a scowl on her face.

Both mom's chuckled a bit at Madi's clear disdain. "Well, we took care of that situation quickly and the girls enjoyed playing for hours in Madi's room" her mom completed.

I looked up from the floor - completely stunned.

"Well, let's get going Kelly. Your sisters are alone in the car." Mom concluded, and turned towards the door. I said goodbye and started to walk out the grand doorway of Madi's mansion, taking the time to look back at Madi's mom - Twice. The second time I looked at her, she smiled at me and winked. And I shyly smiled back, thanking her.

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"Ohhh Yeaaaaah??!! " ROFL!!! I almost fell off my chair laughing after reading that.

Madi's mom sounds totally cool even though spanked you. My dad would have lit up my butt if i through a rock at someone.

I think your stories are great!!!!

Kelly, of all your wonderful stories this one remains my favorite. I must have read it 5 times since I joined. Your beautiful writing style keeps me smiling and on the edge of my seat. I love how you build up antisipation and detail each moment with such picture perfect clarity. I'm not sure what it is about your spanking stories, but I'm always happy when I finish reading them. I don't have the reaction with others.

I noticed you havent written anything for a while. I hope this will change sometime soon. I would love to read more of your memories.

That is a great story! You have a very nice writing style that is enjoyable to read! Nice of your friend's mother to be on your side here even though the atomic wedgie would have made me think that there was no mercy on the way! Thanks for sharing!

Very cute and sweet story, honey. It's amazing how moms' tend to know when to really lay down the law and when they know that the lesson has been learned by the shock, guilt, and true understanding written on a child's face. It's a mom super power! LOL. I bet your feelings were written all over your face that day out in the front yard and Madi's mom knew that you were sorry for your actions.

"Record setting atomic wedgie" that made me laugh out loud. I like your stories they are very well written.

Very good! I felt terribly sorry for Michael when he got that rock to the head. :)

Madi's mom may have saved your hide that time, Kelly. I'm glad she did. I'm sure you learned your lesson and no further punishment was needed. You may not have sat comfortably your entire childhood if you got spanked for every little thing. LOL! Madi's mom does sound great. No wonder you liked playing there.

"Oh Yeah" Shakespearian level of literary wit. :-)

Madi's mom sounds real cool. Are you still friends with Madi?