Putting My Hand In The Way Block It

There was times during or before a spanking i would cover up back there before it would begin in fear of the pain. some times if dad was ready spank me he would tell me you better move yuor hand or im going get your hand. Do you want that he would always tell me. i would cry out tell him no. please don't do it hard though. he would ask me again move it. onece i did seem like he spanked harder longer.
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I tried to cover and block it too at times, though getting your hands hit with a belt and still getting the other swats tends to discourage that

harder and longer you deserved it

my god

A time or three, I used all my strength to hold my hands down to protect my bottom; if Mom couldn't move them, she spanked my fingers, which made me move them in a tearing hurry! Now I had spanked hands in addition to a spanked bottom.

Me too!

So would I

Mom did my spankings and on my bare bottom always. If I tried to cover it up (and I did a few times) she would either grab both hands and hold them out of the way, or else just shove them aside and continue.

My dad spanked me with the belt while I was standing up. i kept my hands out of the way by holding onto my thighs.

My children have reached back a lot when I've had to spank them. However, I've never punished them more severely when they have done so. I know it is mainly done as a reflexive reaction to be spanked. It is hurting so much where you are thinking you need to do anything to get it to stop and your hand just shoots back, you don't even think about doing it. I know that because I remember doing the same when mom spanked me. She never punished more because of it either, she just took my hand and pinned it on my back and continued spanking.

I've done the same with my own children. In a sense, it is something I want to see as it lets me know the spanking is getting through to them like it should. I view the attempted hand blocking very much like how the child is going to kick, bawl and wail, it's just the reaction of a proper spanking being administered.

Although of course I do my best to keep them from reaching back as it makes delivering their spankings more difficult. I have told them it's ok to grab the pillow/bedsheets/couch cushions, or if I am sitting in a chair or on the toilet, it's ok to grab Mommy's leg. Which they always do for quite awhile, but as the spanking goes on and it becomes more difficult for them, they usually do end up reaching back.

When my son was younger, like most boys he had his favorite teddybear, "Buster". He loved Buster and his bear was usually with him everywhere, including a lot of the times when I needed to give my son a spanking. And he would grip onto his teddybear with both hands while I spanked him. It worked well for both us as my son had something close and dear to him to help get him through that unpleasant time over my knee, and it helped me as Buster occupied my son's hands, keeping them out of the way and making it much easier for me to administer his much needed spanking.


I have agree with you Sarah. Every Spanking i have gotten or recieved kicking crying wailing blocking was always natural reaction notto mention begging to. Like you said usually my parents waited until we moved our hands before they spank again they didnt ever get my hands or hit anywhere else. They always told me to keep my hands in front and not block them. Sooner i get them over with it is over. Was hard at the time for sure. When i was over knee I usually had my eyes shut and closed. That seem to help me.

awww, i had a teddy bear also that i would hold onto when over my mom's knee. It did help having him there with me a lot!

ive always done that. i have a stuffed tiger:P

My mom would come in and take me out of the bath tub and dry me off. I was quite capable of drying myself but she was on a mission. After I was dry my mom grabbed the hairbrush from the vanity and I immediatley put my hand on my hiney for protection. She said "move that hand!" I said "no mommy, no spankin'.

"MOVE THAT HAND or else I will spank your hand" I repeated "no mommy, no spankin" but she whacked my hand with that hairbrush and it really hurt as we moved out of the bathroom down the hall to my room. I jerked my hand away and she landed two direct hits with the hairbrush on my hiney. "OW Mommy, no, OW, wah wah wah"

I put my hand back down to protect my hiney and she said "Get that hand out of the way or I'll spank it again!" I said "no mommy, no spankin". but she whacked my hand again with the hairbrush and now my hand was hurting worse now than my hiney.

We were almost to my bedroom and I jerked my hand away and another 2-3 spanks landed on my hiney. Once we got to my my room I was in full "cry mode" bawling like a baby.

My mom sat down on my bed, pulled me over her lap so that I was face down, with my hiney perfectly positioned on her lap. My left arm was immobile due to the way she had me on her lap so instinctively I put my right hand on my hiney for protection. With her left hand she grabbed my wrist and firmly held in out of the way. With the hairbrush in her right hand she proceeded to blister my little hiney. That was a thorough hiney warming with the hairbrush.

I imagine that every child that was spanked did it more than a few times. My mother cure for it was the grab my hand and pin it to my back.


Sadly, remember all too well what that was like. If things got to the point where Mother would take either of us upstairs for a spanking, she always believed in a good sound spanking that would leave a strong impression. On the occasions where you just could not resist trying to protect your poor bottom with your hand she was quite skilled and strong enough to pin your hand up your back and proceed to give you extras with her hairbrush for not moving your hand when she warned you about it. Mostly I learned to avoid that, by holding on tight to the chair (the part that connected the legs and was the right height for me to grab).

I read about your mom's hairbrush. My mom also used the hairbrush in our family for spankings. When I was a kid I HATED the hairbrush and remember after a spanking I would be in my room crying and wishing that the hairbrush had never been invented. LOL Please add me :-)

I'd get told to move it when I did that. If I did it again, Mom would just catch my hand and pin my arm back out of the way and continue with the spanking! The spanking would seem to go a little longer when I tried that!

Yup my dad was good about that with us kids. He would tell you that if you put that hand back there he will get your hand he would pin it back out way and spank harder and longer he would get lower hand to from what i remember. Yup.

Pinning the hand back and waiting for cooperation is the easiest way to deal with it. Adding a swat or two to the lower buttocks is an extra incentive to stay still. Those really sting!

The lower buttocks/top of thighs area is sensitive! a couple there certainly got you back in line in a hurry!

Sounds just like my dad!

I remember all too well when my dad was strapping me... If I put my hands in the way... he would make me stand.... hold out my hands.... and strap each one 6 times.... then would be bent back over to complete the task on my bare ***....

I was required to bend over my bed, feet flat on floor and arms either straight ahead of me or to the side. Any deviation from this position resulted in extra harsh lashes with the belt. No blocking, moving, or excessive crying/begging was permitted.

i always was put over the knee i do remember the saying you put your hand back there im going smack that hand. or im going give you extras. I tryed hard to do it. i always ended up blocking the spanking onsome occastions. Which made them very mad.