Dorm Parents

Back when I went to college, there were Dorm Parents who were responsible for maintaining order for those students who lived on campus. The key word here is "parent " as if you misbehaved they acted like a parent and you were disciplined.. I had to visit them on a number of times and always walked out not being able to sit for quite a bit.

Has anybody else had to visit a dorm parent?
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What an excellent concept. I never lived in dorms, but I would have benefited greatly from getting spanked in college.

No, but I think it is a great idea to make sure that college students don't party too much. A good spanking will keep them focused on their studies.

i had been in dorm first year of school for money matters my parents could not afford to let me stay at college but when i was tehre many times my bottom was blistered good by dorm parents
of course staying at home an going to college i got it often also

Were these "dorm parents" older adults or your age and did they paddle bare bottom and how many of the dormers ended up tasting the paddle a year?

They were usually older adults and they punished bare bottom with paddle , belt and hairbrush. I would say that most students had at least one or two visits to see them.. Then when your parents visited you of course got parental discipline as well.

Nope, when I went they called my Parents. They did the job (early 80's)

i feel embarrassing talking about my child spanking,now i think spanking is not a thing we forgot by time .

I went to college from 1976-1980, and there were definitely no spankings I ever heard of there. It may have occurred in fraternities and sororities, but being an independent, I wouldn't know. And the girls I dated from the all-female college across town never said anything about dorm monitors or anyone else paddling them. The worst I ever heard was one girl got "campus'ed", the equivalent of grounded for a weekend, for missing a mandatory hall meeting.

Never lived in a dorm, but shared an apartment with my best friend, my cousin, and my cousin's best friend. We went to a campus not far from home, so one or more sets of parents visited most weekends - and spankings were common.

and were you all spanked by each others parents?

Pretty much, yeah. I can't recall every parent spanking all of us, but most did.

And dumps were most hard to take after getting a sore backside!

Yeah, I learned pretty young to kind of squat over the seat without really sitting down.

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How old are college students? In the UK they would be 16-18, but most colleges are community colleges not residential ones.

in US college students were 18 - 21 or 22. Some lived with families off campus but the parents were still strict

Interesting. There would not have been spanking of students of that age in Britain then. Thanks for the reply.

charlie62 no they did not spank me again my parents they just ask was it my fault i said yes then they said good

For some reason I would more nearly expect to find spankings in a college that has segregated dormitories instead of sexual liberation styled like how it got by the time that I went over there… and it didn’t look very much like spankings me… unless if maybe you paid too much attention to your transc<x>ript where they leave out all of your teachers and it seems to me that if they believed that you had any business with either Socrates or Neitzche then they would not behave that way.<br />
<br />
Actually the faculty had not been overstandardizing it so much by comparison with the administration which had been faking it and yet apart from any consideration for those who deserve to play with handcuffs and a password over it like what it says in the adult magazine from over at Florida somewhere and instead with respect to the real one for example I had been faking it in the class discussion as if I had been studying the art history like I was supposed to and then I got caught on the quiz and then Doris had shaken her index finger at me while handing my quiz back and also she said it loud enough for everyone to hear it that I had not been studying…well I didn’t think that it was supposed to be spanking allowed and also I already had a job before I went to college anyway but actually if Doris had whipped my *** with a ruler then I would probably have believed her anyway.

oh yes having dorm parents canbe just as bad as parents<br />
so many times walking out an not to fast not sit but at night slept on stomach

Did your dorm parents give your parents of when and why you got spanked?

no in college it was just dorm parents rules an spanking parents not aware just one time my parents came up unexpected an was in my underware they saw the red marks

did your parents ask why you got spanked and then spank you again?

We didn't have Dorm Parents we had prefects who dished out punishments.