Helping female college students (co-eds)

I have spanked several co-eds in order to help them.I am here to help get them on track and be better than they are.

One such co-ed was spanked growing up and was actually kinda lost being away from her parents and needed guided.

Other and most common is procrastination. One waiting to long to start a paper or report. Not taking the time to study enough but perhaps partying to much or doing other things. Procrastination can become a habit which once gotten is hard to break with out additional help. A good spanking can cause remembrances which help to curve the habit.

I agree that partying is part of college life and being away from parents. Being on your own for the first time is really challenging and some need to be accountable to someone. Everything is non-sexual.

I try to emphasize that grades are your paycheck for going to college. It is important.but one can really do it if focused.

I preach studying and not to party to much. I do give a good spanking when I find different. A couple of times, I have called the dorm to see if the co-ed is in as we had talked about ahead of time......not really a surprise.

In the years, I have helped girls going to school there are issues which I have seriously spanked them for.
Poor grades, bad attitudes, disobedience, dishonesty, bad decisions and not getting to their potential level. A good spanking can bring these into focus and helping set priorities. I am here to listen and help guide.

I am located in Columbus, Ohio. IF I can help you, contact me.

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do you know anyone in SW Missouri--- i REALLY need to find someone for myself