Bedtime Spankings

My mom spanked me and my sister all the time when we were kids.  My sister is 2 yrs. older than me and when I was like 5 or 6 we shared a bedroom together.  Instead of going to sleep she would  always want to talk to me. My mother would yell that if she heard another word from us we would get a spanking.  But my sister wouldn't go to sleep and kept talking even when I tried to sleep. Then my mom would come in with this hairbrush and sit on usually my bed first and pull me over her lap and spank me really hard.  Then she would do the same thing to my sister.  Usually it was just on our pajamas but sometimes she would pull them down and spank us on our bare bottoms.  It would hurt so bad that we would be crying and have to lay on our tummys.  I still can't understand why she wouldn't  just shut up when she knew we would get spanked.  This happened quit often.Then as we got older I remember she got this wood paddle that somebody gave her. I mainly remember that it was painted some weird color of green and it really hurt. Even more than her hairbrush. She would make us bend over a chair in the kitchen and hit us like 5 or 6 times with it. This was always just on our pants but it still reall hurt.  I was like about 11 or 12 the last time she spanked me. 

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It sound like your sister enjoyed the spankings, was your knickers always pulled down?.

how long time pain

so hard spanking for only speaking was it really painfull

for which reason which mistake did you made

my sister would do that all the time too. She was 6 years older and we shared a room with her and another sister 2 years older then me. My sister would do it to get me in trouble.

That's terrible.
Try and remember that it was never your sister's fault for talking past lights' out. It's an adults responsibility to control themselves and to find alternatives to violent physical punishments. Your Mom had other options, and the victims are never to blame. Shifting blame to your sister may just distract from the issue of how to properly move past this trauma. She was a child, too, and is not responsible for any of it.

Gowing up when it was time for bed my mom would say who ever is not in bed in the count of three would get spanked. I would test her limits and she would get to 2 and a half and start walking towards me then I would race upstairs. I never got spanked but I new she would spanke if she got to three.

My last spanking was about that age...and it was kind-of funny. I had thrown some awful sandwiches behind the basement freezer (they just would not flush down the toilet). Dad gave me a spanking with this hand.... you ain't gonna hurt a boy at that age with a hand. :) Sorry for you... :(

Well Karen you were lucky that your spankings stop at 12. I read stories here were they go on until early adulthood and you never got it on the bare with the paddle again lucky well maybe your mom felt over the pants was good enough.

how much time pain to seat my mother when i was 5 or 6 spank hard on bare bum with hands i have pain one or 2 hours red marks and inconfortable to seat till nightsame time when she forget she put cream or talc to sore bum so the pain go down soon

terrible and pain how much time to seat

Ouch that seems really harsh, sorry to hear you had to go thru that

I still get spanked, onkly with my dads hand, that s bad enough though, still hurts.<br />
My Mum met my Stepdad when I was about 5 and he would always spank me, i do deserve it though.<br />
I have a little brother as well and sometimes we play spanking games, I like to spank him, not hard though, one time Mum caught my brother over my knee and me spanking him, she just laughed and walked out.

Mom always bared our butts. If we didn't stop crying after a time, we get another round!

Oh Karen...I had the exact same thing happen to me a few times except usually it was my dad who came in with the razor strap. I shard a bedroom with my sister till I was 8 and those spankings for not going to sleep were horrible because it was even harder to fall asleep with a burning bottom!

people only do what they know.....and refuse to do anything else. This is how we are going to improve our lives and the world around us I guess. By refusing to take the long path of effort, patience, and respect of those who cannot really defend themselves. Such as the little kids that are weaker than us. Sounds pretty logical. I am surprised that so many people are so fantastically logical these days. That surely is going to decrease pain, violence, hatred. It will also teach little kids about tolerance and acceptance of others when they have never been tolerated and fully accepted for who they truly are. continuing to live in the past and following the same old way of thinking that people are like animals that need to actually be screwed rather than respected in order to be educated. Yes that will surely create a happy world where everyone is going to be truly kind. <br />
<br />
That's what I call improving the quality of our life and making more peaceful and less fearful.

Why are you being so mean to her need2care?

I will always listen to others views.<br />
I think this is one of those where it may be better to agree to disagree.<br />
I was speaking from experience after twice being punished with a slipper which did hurt but not mark.<br />
It did not lead to mother going to far,I was never abused,Punished yes beaten no and at no time then or now did i feel any hatred towards her.It did make me sit up and take notice and improve my behaviour.<br />
My comment was not made to encourage people to go out buy slippers and beat the living daylights out of children.

Electrodes! are you going from the sublime to the ridiculous?<br />
I only expressed an opinion on punishment not abuse which you and your brother obviously endured at the hands of your father when he bashed your heads together.I would imagine this did leave visible marking and the desired result was a deep seated hatred of him.

My love goes out to you!

Karen.<br />
I live in England.<br />
When i said slipper it is not a bedroom slipper,Mum just called it that.<br />
It was a type of old fashioned gym shoe with a rubber ridged sole,Very painful but little marking.<br />
Mum tells me the slipper as it was known was widely used in british schools some years ago as a less severe alternative to the cane.

When i was at school the slipper was used daily instead of the strap to correct naughty children,the strap was only used on over 10 yrs old

I have never heard of getting spanked with a slipper. Like a bedroom slipper? I wish my mom would have done that instead. As long as she was going to spank me anyway. :) <br />
Where are you from OTKTANYA?

Like you Karen i was sometimes spanked.<br />
At times i was punished on the bare bottom but mostly across the seat of my panties.<br />
The paddle seems rather harsh.It is not something used in my country.<br />
A school friends dad used a hairbrush on her which left some bruising.<br />
Other than twice my spankings were by mums hand.<br />
She did twice use a slipper it hurt like hell but left no bruising just a bright red bottom.<br />
If a instrument must be used to punish a youngster then i think the slipper is ideal,Leaving no marking but does have the desired result in correcting misbehaviour

Parents can sometimes punish to often.<br />
This then results in the spanking losing effectiveness.<br />
Perhaps like max 30 said your sister may have enjoyed the spankings.<br />
Over a period of about 4 years i was only punished about 12 times,Because of this each spanking hade a meaning and made me think twice about my future behaviour.

My sister and I were about two years apart and we used to share a room also. We got many spankings for not going to sleep and talking/playing around too!

It sounds like your sister might have liked it.

I sure got it bad too--bare butt spankings by my old man with his strap at home and spankings at school too. But then I was a real rebel rouser when growing up so probably deserved everything I got.

Yeah a lot of people would disagree. It's bothersome when people generalize other people based on when they were born. I'm so tired of hearing "kids today". Guess what? You're generation raised us. Maybe "you" should of done a better job. <br />
How's it feel to be generalized.

omg finally someone said it thank you as a single mom and infant to toddle teacher it always killed me when the older generation made commets like that thank you somuch for posting that

You're welcome lol :)