Bare Bottom In The Bathtub

When I was 6 years old my sister and I were in the bathtub together. My mom left the room for a second and while she was gone we got into a splashing fight and drenched our towels and half of the bathroom floor. When my mom came back into the room, she pulled us, one at a time, pulled us out of the tub and gave our bare wet butts several hard smacks, then made us do cornertime naked. It hurt like hell and I'll never forget the humiliation of standing in a corner with my red butt showing off for the family to see.

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Mom sat on the tub edge while artfully painting my bottom red!

get the phone call 911 tell the nice lady what happend file a sexull asult complaint and they will put the ***** in jail and give you a real mom

when ever i needed spanked at school they went and got my mom from the cafiteria she worked there in grade school

im 17...i wish my mom would forcibly pull down my pants, put me over her knee and spank me very very hard. I only got spanked once or twice when i was 3 years old and 5 years old, but she stopped because i had an erection everytime she did and i guess it made her uncomfortable....but now that im older I WANT TO GET SPANKED BY MY MOM! but im to ashamed to ask her to spank me :(

That is fantastic, wanting to get spanked by mom. Well the next time you get in trouble with mom and she says your still a child or immature, say, angrily, "then why don't you spank me like you did when I was a child." If you say this enough times then she will at some point say "I think I should" and they can say "I don't think you can" and at this point is going to want to. Then you may just get a spanking.

I've never been spanked but understand why and, as stupid as it sounds wish i had, as over the years i have become more defiant and cant seem to change. does it hurt mmore wet or dry?

She should have gotten a hairbrush and gave you a few like you deserved

Growing up I had my fair share of bare bottom spankings with my fathers belt

As Mom sat on the edge of tub, we went across Mom's lap and Mom paddled our bare bottoms. One such a time for me was when I **** myself in school. Dad brought me home in his station-wagon and had to fumagate the car.<br />
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After I was bathed, Mom sat on the tub's edge and painted my botton red with an egg turner. I was ten and deserved it!

Absolutely deserved. <br />
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Spanked hard and bare - especially when wet - hurts and I firmly believe in corner time afterwards...both bare red bottoms on show for family and visitors to see.<br />
<br />
I use tthe same discipline.

I agree. Babies can be murdered while in the womb, but misbehaved children can't be spanked. This picture is not right!

Do you think you childern understand what they have done and, what do they do to get told off

um... its called sexull harassment

I remember getting a smack in the bath wen i was 7 i think for refusing to get my hair washed. My mum stood me up and gave me 3 hard smacks on my bum (is it me or did it seem to sting a whole lot more coz u were wet?) lol i remember not wanting to sit back down on the bath after that.

I also use methods like this on my step daughters. I will not tolerate poor behaviour or inconsideration in the home. I am fair, loving but firm and both girls regularly receive spankings and the belt with corner time before and after

I am glad to see a parent still cares. Tell those girls bottoms when needed and light their behinds! A step-mom has to do what she has to do..

Bring back many memories. My mom was a bare bottom spanker and bathtub splashing was always the cause of a spanked red bottom for me.