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My Mother Uses The Embarressment To Punish Me

well since i was 6 my mom used spankings as a punishment .but then once i was 12 years old,i was bad mouthing my mom and she said she would punish me later .well we ate dinner i then took a shower .i wrapped a towel around my waist and started walking to my room. i walked by the living room where my mom,sisters ,and my aunt and 2 of my lil11 yr old sisters friends,and 2 of my moms friends mom saw me and told me to come over here.i went up to her she said time for your punishment.she then said put your hands on your head now. i did it even thou i wanted to say can you not give me a spanking in here.she then ripped the towel off me . i saw everyones eyes lokking at my naked body and my sisters all giggled along with there mom then spanked me with her hand it felt like it last forever .she finshed then she stopped and saw what everyone was gigling about .she said what hurts more your butt or your ego.i said lowly both.she then turned to evryone and said did you all enjoy the show .my  older sister said oh i needed the laugh.and then one of my moms friend said i enjoy the whole inch of it . ever since that night my mom has always liked to embarress me in front of people and it didnt matter where we were she got in trouble for pulling my shorts down in the store once in front of 3 cashiers they did laugh at seeing me but told my mom to stop that
victor16 victor16 16-17 21 Responses May 28, 2010

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I feel your pain! My mom spanked me with a belt in front of my boyfriend!!!

woah woah woah woah woah woah...woah ITS SICKENING THAT THE ******* ASHOLE DID THAT CALL THE POLICE

its called phone then 911

its called phone then 911

I disagree with the public display, but don't think the spanking is out of line!

yes nixxon, but he could still (and should) be spanked while visiting his real mother. The cousin also deserves a real session for getting the kid taken away from his real mother. <br />
There are so many people that doesn't have parents at all, social service should pay attention to them, better to help them get into fosterhomes.

lottifan, sure his mother could spank him in private, but would the effect be the same? He disobeyd his mother and I am sure that he will not do it again without thinking twice after this session. His mother was right, and she knows whats best for him, after all she is his mother. If he hadn't disobeyd her he wouldn't have been spanked, easy as that!

you don't deserve to be spanked and humiliated in public.your m mum could spank you in the privacy of your bedroom, doing it in front of others is really awful.<br />
stay strong mate. hang on in there.

girls can be cruel

It was about 6 years ago at that time I was about 13-14 years. In summer vacation of school I had gone to my native village with my parents and my sister who was one year older than me. We had not gone to our village for many years. So I was too excited .my uncle-aunty and their children’s live in the village. There were two female cousins who were elder to me and one male cousin who was younger to me. When we reached to village I could not adjust myself in rural environment. But soon my sister became good friend of my female cousins. After some day we had started irritating one others for own dominance and superiority. I did not want to stay too long but we had a plan to stay for one month. <br />
<br />
One day we had made a plan for a river bath, as there was a river in the village. We reached to riverside and started bathing and swimming in river. But soon there had become altercation between my female cousins and me. Suddenly my female cousins pulled down my underwear and grabbed my balls. My balls pulled me out from water. My cousins had started teasing my genitals. When I started protesting one of them had hold my hands from behind. The started teasing genitals and showing my privates to my sister. I started abusing them. They became furious and they stuffed my underwear in my mouth as much as they could like a gag. My sister started laughing madly on my helpless situation. <br />
<br />
After a short time they had leave me. I thought it was all over. But the worst thing was to be happened with me. Next day our parents and uncle-aunty had gone in village to attend local ceremony. They left us for house keeping. At that time again my female cousins attacked on me and forcefully removed my all clothes. And again started teasing my genitals and spanking on my bare butts. Suddenly one of them had whispered something in the years of my sister and they both started smiling. After that I was forced to go on my all fours like a dog. They started hard spanking. One of them had abruptly shoved a round stick in my *******. I shouted in pain and tried to run away but they all grabbed me. They grabbed my balls and again forced me to go for same position. After that they started ******* my *** hole with stick. <br />
<br />
My sister too joined my female cousins. she was ******* my *** hole with stick and others were teasing genitals and squeezing my balls. They all together did this one by one. I felt, as despite a boy I was gang raped by my two female cousins, it was a humiliating and horrible experience. I thought it was worst and last but I was again wrong.

i'm in foster care now one of my cousin told on my mom .i do still go to the same school district so i do see some of my family there but i live in a foster home now with a foster brother and 2 foster sisters.

please do not let anyone persuade yu that spanking you naked in front of others is okay.<br />
<br />
I understand spanking as a punishment, for I have been spanked several times with switches, extension cords, wet towels and all else. But in front of other people is taking it too far. <br />
If you did not have such a big heart and did not want to protect your mother, you could take this as far as calling it not only child abuse, but child ***********.<br />
<br />
I am sorry you have to go through this and I encourage you to alert anonymous hotline as others have suggested.<br />
On the other hand, if you really are 16-17, you do not have more than a couple of years until you are legally free of your mother so stay strong man!

i haven't bad mouthed her in awhile but she will spank me naked if i get into trouble like a fight even if i dont start the fight or if i skip school or dont do my home work,or last night for example i got a 70 on my final exam in history .at dinner she made my ***** naked in the back yard at the cook out she spanked me in front of like 30 people friends and family. i said i still passed she made me stay naked for the cook out it last like two hours i was the talk of the party and it hurt pretty bad when i sat down she really did a number on me

I can assure you that is more embarasing to do in your pant while spank...beleive me!

Did you stop bad mouthing your mother after that?


i am so sorry to hear you were humiliated like that. it sure isn't funny and I sure hope you have told someone bout how your mom is. i would never do that. when i was lil we only got spanked if we did something really bad and it sure wasn't like that. i am here for you too

Everyone who saw that is either a child abuser or is secretly thinking 'Oh my god what a terrible mother'. Apart from the kids, they're too immature to realise what they're laughing at. But really, journee is right. Whatever you did, your mother was wrong to punish you in that way. I doubt she would be laughing if she was publicly humiliated in that way, and to be honest she needs a few parenting classes. Doing things like that can seriously damage you kid's outlook on life and self confidence.<br />
<br />
I think you should also call a child's helpline. You don't need to give your real name or call them just to 'tell' on your mother. They'll just talk to you about it and make you feel better, and probably give you tips on how to stop your mother from doing things like this in the future. The only way they'd actually get your mom in trouble was if you asked them to. Try calling this one:<br />
08001111 - thats childline if you are in the uk<br />
if you are in america i don't know the number, but on the childline website they have a chatroom where you can talk about your problems

i dont want everyone to hate me if my mom gets in trouble either

I'm so sorry to hear that. What a horrible and traumatic experience that is. What your mother is doing is child abuse and I cannot believe people just stand around and laugh instead of putting your mother straight and helping you. It really is abuse and it needs to stop. I don't know exactly what the best way is to get her to stop this, but it has to. Maybe you should try calling some sort of kids help phone, Idon't know. I wish I could make her stop for you. Are there any adults that you can seek help from?