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Spanked Bare With Belt

I was spanked bare bottom by my mother with a belt by my mother until I was 15.  She'd lecture me, make sure I knew why I was going to be spanked, have me take my pants down, and bend over my bed.  Then she's give me anywhere from 12-20 licks with it.  
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My dad was the spanker..same thing.

renacarson i wish ur my mom so i can punch u in face i 9 boy

What was your last parental spankngs and how was it given and b whom, what was it for? When mom said to pull down the pants and nude rear did you beg not to do it or do it real slow.

Pulling down a child's pants and removing essential clothing for a spanking is sexual abuse or it is at least a gross violation of a child's boundaries. When I was 10, my mom pulled down my pants and spanked me--so I retaliated by punching and slapping her in the chest and shoulders.

My briefs came down, usually all the way to the floor with my pants hen I started writhing.

My briefs came down, usually all the way to the floor with my pants hen I started writhing.

How did you feel with mom doing the spanking? Did she make the boxers come down too or just the pants and spanked on underware? What was the worst spanking you had to get and did any siblings see you spanked or any cousins or freinds?

You got it exactly as I did except it was my dad doing it. He stopped when I was 11; don't know why I never got it again as there were threats up until 17.

Is glad I was not spanked bare bottom in front of others.

I was spanked and my mom would have me get totally naked and then she would give me 5 spankings with the belt! And my dad would just pull down my pants and underwear and spank me 13 times with belt or other things my dad would spank me where ever I was if I was at a friends house and he thought I needed to be spanked I would Deffinatly get it!

What room did mom spank you in and did you get spanked much after you turned a teenager? What was your last parental spanking?

mom was going to give me a whipping with the belt i had to ***** naked.<br />
mom would make me go to here and dads bedroom remove my clothes and lay on bed. she comes in closes the door walks to closet and gets dads belt. <br />
belt meant 20 strokes on my bare thighs then 40 on my bare bottom last 60 on my bare back.<br />
i didn't get the belt often.

my mom had done most of the spankings she would taken my pants an underpants down over her knees hairbrush an or over bed for the belt my mom was short but typical irish catholic mom she laid into my *** bad it got embrassing as i was in my teens an she still seen me naked before spanking

David - your mom saw you naked when she put the first diaper on you. So did mine - she was a german/polish Catholic lady, short too, but she packed a wallop.

I got a bare butt belt whippin today.

I had to pull my pants down and get the belt as a kid and I also discipline my two {girl 7 and boy 5} the same way. I also believe it's good punishment when needed. It really helps keep them behaved. Main thing, in my opinion, is that if you threaten it to a certain point, you have to carry it out.

i am spanked and i dont think i've EVER felt abussed


i was spanked but not bare bottomed and i only got 3 with a wooden spoon.

i was spanked naked till i was around 15 to 16 yr old and my mom and aunt did it more to embarress me in to behaving .

who saw you spanked and what was most embarrassing spanking you got and last spanking too?

I 've been spanked when I was a child but not as badly as other people who shared their experience have been.I don't feel any anger towards my parents and I did really deserved to be punished that way.Just imagine that I only mingled with bad boys, tried smoking and liked it, was rude to my nanny, sneaked into my Dad's desk in order to check adult stuff he kept hidden from children eyes and many many more! If it wasn't for giving me some corporal punishment lteachings, would I be the one who I am today? So I am grateful for being disciplined (,well, )maybe not in a very soft way!

I too do this t my kids as it was done to me. I never give more than 5 swats.... I feel it is neccessary to raise Good children. However, when I was spanked, I never had an explaination or a kind word involved and it was definately not with love. <br />
I could be totally in the wrong but hope I'm making a difference by handing strict consequenses to my children....

dang i wish you were my mother i now i need to get spanked with the belt more with i was a older tennager by my mom or female authority or parent as iam still very bad knowing if i just got spanked more often as a teeneger probally would have sloved that

I am sure it is making a great difference and that when they are older like we are they will appreciate it.

good for you an more parents should be like that i had spank my girls into teen yars if needed