Caught Playing Doctor With Cousin

As I written elsewhere in EP, as a child I played "doctor" regularly with a girl who lived near me.  Finding that very enjoyable, I found other girls in my neighborhood who would play with me.

My mom's brother and his family lived in northwestern New Jersey on a small farm (don't laugh, it IS the Garden State).  Their family included a girl, Julia, who is about a year older than I.  During a visit one summer, when I was 8 or 9, I decided to introduce her to my medical practice.  We started by trying on each other's clothes.  Then we took turns examining each other.  She was a little nervous, so I let her examine me first.  She seemed to lose her anxiety quickly, as she gave me a thorough examination.  Next, I got dressed and she undressed.  I checked her breathing ,her pulse, etc. and, just as I started to examine her private parts, her mother came into the room.

Aunt June always seemed pretty strict and I was about to find out exactly how strict.  Her face frozen and cold, she ordered Julia to her feet and told her to stand there hands on head.  She turned to me and barked, "*****, right now."  When I did not comply immediately, she told me she was going to spank Julia and I twice as hard if I didn't get my clothes off.  More frightened than ever before in my life, I ******** and stood next to Julia.  Of course, despite my fear, my little penis was fully erect.  Aunt June looked at me and said that I seemed to be enjoying myself but she would put an end to that.  Aunt June marched us naked out to the barn and my other cousins, two older boys and an older girl came along to see our punishment.

Aunt June placed us side by side on a bench she used as a spanking bench and laid into us with a leather strap.  From the first lick, the pain was unbelievable.  Both Julia and I sobbed heavily and begged for mercy.  When she finally stopped, my rear was on fire.  Aunt June led us to a corner to calm down and think about the spanking.  As I calmed down, I started thinking about my naked cousin and my erection came back.  I heard Aunt Julia coming to get us and, as much as I tried, I could not make it go away.  She told us to turn around and her eyes went right to my privates.  Aunt Julia sent Julia to her room and took me to the bath room for the rest of my punishment.
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My, my,, what did she do to your erection? Don't keep us guessing...what the hell can an auntie do with an erection? Since Graham Greene we all know aunties have an uncontrollable urge to play with their nephews' erect penises...

Yep, that is exactly what I expected. The good old red bag and hose up your butt. I never had and enema as punishment. It always led to sexual enjoyment for me.

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Let's just say that I was thoroughly soaped at both ends.

shut your **** out *****


shut up


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