My Mum Spanked Me Until Quite Recently

My Mum believed in a more traditional approach to discipline and would give me a good hard spanking every time I misbehaved. I say good because I really do think that it was good. I have learnt the boundaries and the consequencies of  stepping over the limit in no uncertain terms. I was always taken to the study to be told off and then spanked. Before I started school mum would sit in the high backed chair behind her big oak desk, make me stand beside her whilst she told me off and then pull my skirt up and knickers down, bend me over and spank me with her hand.
  The night before my tenth birthday she showed me a leather strap and told me that i would be getting that from now on if I was naughty, lovely birthday present but it did make me behave even better than before with just the thought of getting that strap.  Of course I forgot about it after a while and started to push the boundaries again, so when I was rude and cheeky to a lady in a shop I knew what I would be getting when we got home.              
  I was told to go straight to the study, I was crying even before I got there ,mum followed me in and to get the strap out of the desk and came back round. I had to tell her why I got detention, which difficult through the tears, and then she told me to bend over the desk. I could hardly touch the floor when I was over the desk. Mum pulled my skirt up, then knickers down and laid the strap gently across my bum, lifted it up and then CRACK, sharply back down across my poor little bottom. I only got three for that first strapping but it really shocked me into being a good litle girl again.
  When I was twelve mum thought about giving me a different punishment like being grounded and so on, we talked about it and both decided to carry on with the spankings with the addition of a cane if I was really bad ( her idea not mine ). I got a few spankings with the strap each year until I was fifteen .  and stupidly let one of my 'friends' talk me into drinking some cider whilst we were out, then we thought that breaking a seat that we were sitting on was great fun, my mum drove by and when I heard her shouting me to get into the car I knew this wasn't going to such fun.
  Standing beside mummy, with the strap in her hand and trying to explain why we had done it certainly wasn't fun, especially as until then she noticed the alcahol on my breath. She told to get ready for my spanking but she had to get something. what seemed like ages later she came back with the cane. I got six really good strokes and cried like a baby but I definately learnt my lesson. I have only had the cane twice since and didn't even get the strap so much after that. I'm really glad that my mum cared enough to me a GOOD spanking.
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my parents would take me into their bedroom and use a belt. only certain things were punished like this and I hated it

Like Hallmark, your Mom "cared to give you the very best."

Like Hallmark, your Mom "cared enough to give the very best!"

Like Hallmark, your Mom "cared enough to give the very best!"

Thanks for the story honeybee.

When I was 18 (the summer between high school and college) I was waiting for my girlfriend to show up and give me a ride to her friends house for a pool party. I was out in the yard smoking a cigarette when my mom came home early from work she found me out in the yard, grabbed me by my ear and dragged me into the kitchen. She turned a chair around sat down and in one quick motion pulled my swim suit down as she pulled me over her knee. About 5 minutes into my spanking in walked my girlfriend. My mom apologized to her for her having to see me getting a bare bottomed spanking. She then asked her to slip off one of her sandals and hand it to her and then proceeded to paddle me with that leather sandal till I begged her to stop and cried like a 5 year old. Mom let me up and we went to the party the whole day my girlfriend teased me about still getting spankings. We got into an argument when she told the girl who was having the party that we were going. Half way home she pulled down a fire road that ran threw the woods stopped, turned the car off and told me to get out. She bitched at me as she pulled me over to a fallen tree and told me to shut up if I didn't want her to tell everyone that I still got spanked at home. She sat down on the log undid my suit, pulled it down and over her knee I went and spanked me with her sandal till I was screaming, kicking and begging her to stop and let me up. That summer she gave me many spankings over her knees, it was the most embarrassing, humiliating and exciting summer of my life.

The last bare bottomed spanking I got from my mother-in-law was on my 50th b'day.

LOL A hot spanking from a senior citizen, 70? +. wow AARP would be impressed. :)


PS: may she be around to spank you when you are 70+.

PPS: somebody told me that regular, hot bare bum spankings improves all around blood flow inhibiting alzheimers onset. Sooo AARP will be suggesting all seniors get kinky friends to administer "suitable" bare bottom CP WITH a concomitant decrease in cost of medicare part B.

My mom was a single parent and she did a great job. I love her for making me the person I am today.<br />
My mom spanked me almost everyday. I was a tester I always try to test moms limits and most of the time I loose and mom your be giving my bottom a well talking to. my worse spanking was when I was 10 and 13yrs old. both stories are onmy site.<br />
<br />
I to have also spanked my own daughter till she left home at 18. <br />
<br />
My mom and I are best friends and mom still tells me to this day, I was not to old for a spanking if needed. LOL...... My mom did one time gave me 3 hard swats on my the backside of my swim suit <br />
for being rude this was when I was around 35yrs.

my mom spanked me alot as a teen.i was always told to ***** first and my mom liked to do it front of people.i was a very late bloomer so between 12 and 15 bodily i looked like a 11 yr old boy. 16 to 18 yr old bodily i looked like a 14 yr old.19 i finally looked like a man and my mom knew that and i think enjoyed getting me naked in front of people.she would alwats say if i was starting to act up"you better stop or everyone will see that inch of a penis "

That was a cute story honeybee... but I have to admit, I do not believe a word of it.

as a young teen stll at home of course, I still get spanked. Both Mum or Dad do that.