Spanked For Stealing

Im only 13 but have had like a prety tuf life and been moved round like lots.My dad used to beat me bad and now Im in foster care,been here for couple of years now and I like my foster mum lots but in the last few months me and some m8s hav been stealing a bit from shops and snowdropping.Anyway,my foster mum found out cos we got caught and my frends just got grounded and that but cos Ive dun this b4 I got a spamking for this.My foster mum doesnt beat me or leave bruises and that like my dad did.She's only spanked me a few times since I been with her but she was real mad after the cops called our olds and after she picked me up from the cop shop wen I got home and put me over her knee and spanked me hard. Its not in a bad way or nuthin,she doesnt pull down my knickers or pull up my schooldress but she just spanked me real hard and now Im in lots of trouble.She did it in front of my foster sister but only cos she was there and she's a year older than me.Its hard not to steal but cos all my m8s do it at lunchtime wen we're meant to be at school and I dont wanna look wimpy in front of my mates.I probly deserved this spanking but I dont know how to stop pinchin stuf.Do any other girls my age get spanked still?Its a bit embareseing but I no why she's mad and it stops me for a little wile but then I do it again.
Wen I was young and lived with my dad he used to spank me for everything even if I wasnt doin nuthin bad and he made me ***** and go over his knee and would lay into me with wooden spoons and belts and hairbrushes and his hand and I always had lotsa bruises but its diffrent with my foster mum cos she loves me and just doesnt want me to get in trouble and sometimes I can be a real bad girl.
I dont know if other parents out there would spank my butt or just ground me and that like my frends.
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There shouldn't be such stupid legislation, b/c the Bible teaches us that steeling is one of the sins. It has to be rectified, so it has to be punished!

your FosterMum Should Get your Real Daddy Around to Punish you NaughtyGirl . Stealing is Serious and has to Stop . and Needs Severe Discipline . Whats Needed is A Severe Thrashing on your bare bottom . Respected Trusted Gent . Age62 years young .

Jesse. <br />
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Just be glad that you have some one who cares for you and wants to help you in a straight path.<br />
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I was told many times by my own mother I was never to old for a spanking. If I acted like a child then I was treated as one with a sore bottom, time to think why I was spanked. I did the same you did we all have I'm sure. I was caught smoking at 13 and by the time mom finished working on my back side she really worked on me good.<br />
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Just keep thinking to yourself. if you think it is going to get you in trouble then don't do it.<br />
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These were the same words my mon would tell my sister and I. and it always helped me.

No, she cannot stop until you have learned your lesson. Your actions have consequences <br />
and you have to deal with it!

I got spanked again last week and this time it was much worse.I got caught smoking at school and got suspended.I rekon it sux to get suspended just for havin a *** but my foster mum cracked it and she had to come down and pick me up from skool and leave work and everything and she told me I was in for a spanking (I havent had one since the stealing one) and even though no-one was around she told mw to get over her knee on the bed and I was too scared not to and she actually pulled my schooldress up and spanked me real hard on my bum with just my knickers on!! Im nearly 14 and Im too embarasd to tell my friends.I rekon she should stop now.<br />

Why should she stop?? Because you are older now?? Obviously you still act like an infant, so you should be treated like one. Common girl, start growing up.

Yeah I used to do that for the litle wile I lived with my mum,Id do badder and badder things so she'd take notice of me but she never cared and never noticd.My foster mum seems to notice everything I do and Im always getting caught if I do bad stuff but wen I was with my mum she didnt care.I dont know whats worse sumtyms.Being beat bad,not being cared about at all,or being spanked by someone who really loves me and then I feel so guilty cos they took me in and everything and I should be better by now and Im worryd my foster family wont keep me either cos I be to bad but then I get all mad when I think about it and then I be bad so I'll know if she'll kick me out or not and then I get in trouble and sometimes get a smack or a spanking.Its like all the other kids at skool are thinking about skool and boys and stuf and Im stil tryin to work out wats normal.I just wanna know wat normal mums are suks being a foster suks being a kid at all.<br />

I was a foster kid, I was in36 placements. I wish someone cared enough to take some control and spank me. It was very hard to have to make all my own decisions as a 13-16 year old. I wasn't ready. I had very bad behavior and it got worse with each next placement because I felt no one cared.

Well Jess, as I said it is the manner in which you were corrected that made the difference. Your foster mum loved you - you experienced (feel) that love, that's why you wanted to please her and that's why you felt bad when you failed to please her.<br />
Lets hear what other people have to say.

I find it a bit confusing cos Ive had parents who belted me in a really sadistic way as a kid and when I get threated with a spankig from my foster mum who genuinely loves me and it feels different.<br />
With my dad and step-father it was for their sexual and physical sadistic kind of pleasure ad truly was not healthy but if feels different with my foster mum cos I only get a spanking when she's explored all other options or when she knows Im not responding to anything else.<br />
It feels different but cos I knw she loves me and wants the best for me and I also get that it must be tricky taking on someone else kds when we're older but its different cos I feel sick when my foster mum gets angry with me cos I know its cos she cares and I know I get a real guilty feeling in my tumy.I used to get that sick feeling with my dad too but it was just pure fear and just made me more sneaky but I dont like to lie to my foster mum and I know that even if she's mad or even has to spank me as a last resort,I feel sick from guilt,The difference is I know my foster mum really loves me and wants the best for me which makes me feel even worse,I feel sick cos these ppl have taken me in and are doing this cis she wants the best for me,and so it hurts much more if Ive done the wromg thing and she's mad but I dont want to lie to her either but sometimes I wonder if its gonna go all bad like it did wit my dad and others and she's gonna kick me out if Im not good but Im not very good at being good you see?Its all very confusing but I do know that when I get into trouble with my foster mum sh's not going to do anything perverted,I know I deserve a spanking sometimes when I cant stop but Im not gonns tell her that and encourage it,Its a new experience having someone disclupline me who loves me but its still confusing,I still dont trust I wont get too hard and get kickdc out and I try not to muck up my placement and I know my foster mum loves me but cos Ive been just abused in the name of discipline before,even though this feels different and in manyways lots worse cos I feel horribe letting my foster mum down,its still confusing.<br />
I really apreciate the comments Ive received and would love to know what its like in normsl fsmilird ot hrst ftom other foster or adoptive mums or other kids in care to see what they're experience is and how ppl would deal with kids like me and hear from other foster kids.<br />

Absolutely right Jess!<br />
Someone who loves you spanks you out of love for our own best will. Spankings never feel good, but they do the world best to you. It keeps you away from the consequences of more severe transgressions! Lol.

Thanks guys.Ive talked to my foster mum about it and I probly did need that spanking cos nuthin else was stopping me and Ive been much better since cos wen I wanna steal suthin I remember how embarresing it was being spanked and how mad my foster mum was and she's good to me cos she wants me to do well.Spankings different wen its done by someone who loves you I reckon.It doesnt feel so good but for different reasons.<br />

K/tiger, I like your comment to Jessie. <br />
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Jessie, own kid or foster, doesn't matter - if you were in my care I would also have spanked (not beat) you! My children received their spankings for severe transgressions.

Just stop stealing, It's ok to be different, I always taught my boys, It's ok to be different. You can be better than those others. Don't get a record because it's harder to get a job if you do and go on to college. You can probably go free because of being a foster child. Do something with your life and show people that your better.