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Wooden Spoon

One of my very close friends as a kid had a really strict mother. They were a family of 5 kids, Mia had 3 sister's & a brother. Her oldest sister was 10 her name was Becky, Than Mia at 8, than her brother Colin at 7 & her twin little sisters age 5 Katie & Kassie. During the summer I would often spend my whole day at their house, they only lived around the corner & I spent most of my summer days alone since my parents worked all day. I met my friend Mia when I was 6, we stayed friends until we were 15 & eventually we just drifted apart. I still see her once in awhile though.

I called Mia & asked her if she wanted to hang out today. She asked me if I wanted to come over, her mother wouldn't let her over at my place because there weren't any parents home. We were probably about 8. I walked over to Mia's house & just went inside when I got there.. I never knocked they were like my family too. The house was really loud, it always was. Mia's mom was already flustered when I got there, she greeted me at the door & then went back into the kitchen. She was baking a cake because it was the twins birthday in the next few days.

Mia & I went upstairs to her room to play for a bit, we played barbies & watched a movie. Colin always bothered us when we were together he kept coming in & knocking over the stuff in the doll house. Mia didn't put up with much & started screaming at him & telling him to get out. When Mia's mother heard her screaming she yelled up for Mia to stop screaming & than yelled at Colin to come downstairs & to leave us alone. After about an hour of playing we went downstairs for lunch. Colin continued to bother us when we were sitting at the kitchen table, he was kicking us under the table & doing annoying things like that. Mia got really upset & started yelling at him. Her mother was getting frustrated & yelled at Colin again. This didn't stop Mia's hissy fit. Mia's Mother was baking cupcakes now & we were under her feet bothering her complaing about how Colin was being annoying. Her mother asked us numerous times to get out from under her feet. We continued to whine & complain. Finally Mia's mother got so frustrated she grabbed Mia by the shoulder spun her around, lifted up her skirt & whacked her 3 times on the butt with her wooden mixing spoon. Then she grabbed me spun me around & whacked me 3 times over my jeans with the spoon. Her mother didn't put up with anything! We were both humiliated, me more than her. All of her siblings were sitting at the kitchen table & saw us get spanked. This wasn't the first or last time I saw the kids get spanked nor was it my last spanking! It was also pretty messy trying to wipe the cupcake batter off of eachother. I wouldn't of wanted to be the ones who were eating those, haha.
xxLeighxx xxLeighxx 22-25, F 8 Responses Jul 16, 2010

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Did her Mom ever spank you bare?

Yes, she did. I believe I wrote about it somewhere.

Of course, I planned on writing some of the stories.. I was going to put it in a group that was about other's spankings. If you'd like I can message you the link when I get finished, I'm going to write it soon just have to find the right group which is sometimes hard!

BigPoppa: I actually witnessed quite a few of her and her siblings spankings. She never told me about them though.<br />
<br />
Nixxon: Yes, it sure was!<br />
<br />
Naughty: I'm suprised I didn't cry. I think I was in shock, lol.

I think that would have been a better idea, lol.

I got spanked doing role playing once.<br />
She had me naked and spanked me for about 5 minutes.<br />
An interesting experience, to say the least.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

I don't like it, no. But, I love hearing about other's spankings! <br />
<br />
Yes, you definitely do... I didn't want it to happen again, lol.

Most kids do learn quickly how to avoid spankings.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

Did you like being spanked?