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I was bought up in a small country community the 70’s by my Aunt and Uncle cause my Mother had me when she wasnt married and they were a Christian family so it mattered.

My Aunt and Uncle were in their late 50’s. If I was bad I got called to the family room, my undershorts taken down and I was given a good spanking over my Aunt or Uncles lap. They were sociable folk and some times their friends were there – other men and women in their 50’s 60’s and older and they witnessed the whole thing, telling off, pants been taken down, spanking and me saying sorry.

The older I got the more shamed I was. By 8 or 9 I thought I was too old but they just carried on the same 12, 13 and on there was no difference. I hated the standing up for the telling off with my pants all down in front of these folk. I hated them seeing my rear spanked. After I would stand up all red faced they would all tease me about my red rear and take a good look at me.

They knew how to work it in my mind – Aunty Mae she would say she was going to get my buddies over to see next time, would I like that? Uncle Ro he used to tease too and say maybe I needed a spanking without my pants out in the yard. Get local folk to see I was behaving like a fool. I used to beg them no and they would tease some more. The more I begged the more they would rack up on the shame and the teasin and I would stand there saying no and my mind buzzing with what it would be like if everyone saw me or knew and them telling me to keep good if I didnt want it to happen. They never did this stuff it just worked in my mind. They sure knew how to do it, after the spanking and  with my pants still down and everything blowing in the breeze.

I guess I was immature teen and acted young for my age but physically I was a real healthy guy who grew up although Im blond haired so dont have nearly any hair down round my penis or anywhere but my head.

I was always treated like a child with lots of love and kindness. After I was 15 to 16 the spankings didnt happen so much  but if I was real bad (and their friends were around it made no difference and they got to see me punished) I’d be bared like I was just a kid. Pants pulled down, shirt pulled up and everything on view me red as a beet and getting all teary eyed. It must have been interesting for these old folk to see.

When I grew up it became part of my sexual kink. I like to be bared in front of others, humiliated, spanked, told off good and proper. Guess it was due to my childhood. But apart from that they didnt do any harm and they were loving folk who did a lot of good.
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At ages 13-15 how often did you get spanked by your aunt and Nile? How often would there be friends over and did they ever make any comments after or during the spanking? Did you take down your own pants and did you do it slowly trying to turn away from the company that was visiting your ant. Wha age did you start getting some pubic hair down there that was seen by everyone?

I got spanked in the street in-front of other, but fortunately not on the bare.

I get spanking naked in front of my firends wand I saw then named sometimes too and even girl saw me and getting a eract in frount of girls

Thanks for the comments didnt think folk would be much interested so good to hear. No I havent written this stuff before, just found this site and was reading other folk so thought Id put mine. Will write more if you want to hear. To Morgana - which folks saw? They tease you or comment? to Burke - yes its a kink for me now but not growing up - just hated the humiliation of been striped and spanked with no choice in front of everyone. They made sure I knew it was cause I was acting like a fool and a child.

I love the idea of a public spanking; it is one of my most powerful fetishes.

Hi David good to hear from you buddy. At the time I didnt enjoy but it kept me mind buzzing for weeks after. The whole thing, shame, spanking, made to take my pants down, the folks watching me with my pants down. What age were you when the priest and nuns caned. It all changes when you get developed and folks can see that. Makes punishment 300 times worst. Dont think the folks doing it cared much but I did.