Double Standards

If i ever act naughty or misbehave, My mother forces me to remove all my clothes, stand upright totally nude and hold my ears as a i sign of forgiveness,My mom punishes me like that all the time I have a 2 sisters and she is never punished in this way, My sisters are younger than me but they and there friends are allowed to watch me naked and make fun of me.

My cousin and i skipped school one day and my mom came to know about it, As soon as we both came home, My mom didn't let us inside, She ordered us both to take of our clothes, And do 100 squats while holding my ears, The people in my neighborhood watched us both as we did squats, My younger sisters and there three friends was asked to count how many squats we did and make sure we do exactly 100, My other school friends saw me naked too,

The thing i hate is how my sister never undergoes such humiliating punishment, she got let off just because she's a girl, Double standards, It's unfair.

I am punished in the nude atleast once a week till, Sometimes for 2 or 3 hours in a stretch. i am 17 now, and it still has not stopped my sisters are 13 and 15 and constantly make fun of me and my mother evens laughs along with them

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6 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Thats so mean ): Poor you thats horrible! I would talk to her about it say that you find it unfair that your sister doesnt have to do it that way and ask her if she has a reason for it and if she doesnt care. Don't fogive her when your older and dont make contact with her as soon as you leave the house. It will teach her repect you.

Boys have to be brought in line and learn to obey women and allways act respectfull against women and girls ..even little sisters. <br />
Therefore girls should never been degraded in front of them, but it´s importent for gays regular beeing spanked naked and in a humiliating way in front of even younger sisters and there female friends.<br />
This will make the gays humble and help them to behave in a proper way against women.

my mom made me get naked before she spanked my butt

i think thats so messed up and with all do respect i think ur mother has serious issues, u need to tell someone u trust, maybe a counselor or move out and stay with a relative, im sorry u had to go thru this, but ull be a better person,, it will get better and hang in there!!

your mom needs to be put away. This is strange. I wouldn't be surprised if there were other things she did to you that were worse.

God that's terrible. I feel for you buddy. I would have called the social services. Anyway don't let it happen again. :)