I went to a public school for boys and girls aged 13 years to 18 years. Discipline was part of the learning process and the cane was freely used. On the first day of school the rules and regulations were read out to all of the pupils so there could be no confusion as to the rights or wrongs. The punishments were put into categories. The lowest was a grade 5 which was a detention. A grade 4 was a caning in private with your clothes on. A grade 3 was a caning in private with your clothes off. A grade 2 was a caning in front of the school with your clothes on. A grade 1 was a caning in front of the school with your clothes off. This was very rare but it did happen and boys and girls were treated the same. Humiliation was part of the process and the errant pupil would be told of their punishment at morning assembly. They then had the day to worry about their punishment and also the teasing from other pupils. At the evening assembly if it were to be a grade 1 or 2 punishment then that pupil would climb onto the stage to receive their punishment. I was regularly caned usually a grade 3 or 4 punishment. Only once did I receive a grade 1 caning in front of the whole school. It was embarrassing to say the least but I never did it again.  I only ever saw a girl punished on the bare and it was an experience that I will never forget. She was a very attractive blonde 14 year old. I can't remember what she did but she had to climb onto the stage and remove her clothes. She was slim with small firm breasts. She then had to bend over and  receive six strokes of the cane across her bare bottom. She certainly jumped around but it was a fantastic view.
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I get sexual excited when I imagine how this attractive blonde girl - nearly a young woman - has been sentenced, to be caned on stage in front of a crowd of boys and girls after she had to remove all her clothes and had been completly naked.<br />
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The humiliation started in the morning when everybody got to know that she would be caned in this degrading way. The boys who would have been happy to see her panties, would have see her completly naked on stage.<br />
All the day she has been watched by the boys. They imagined how she would look naked. <br />
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To imagined how she would look naked. Some told her that to will enjoy it when she undresses in front of them. they will then see her butt, her breasts and her pubic area. It is also fun to see her winds under the cane.<br />
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She must have sunk into the ground. All day she was reminded of her humiliation she will suffer in the evening.<br />
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I wish I could have seen it. Great story.

Such a place like that is a very nice idea.<br />
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I suppose that all the kids would become like brothers and sisters around there?

1. My previous username was oupa. Hallo my friends.<br />
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2. Michael, lovely story. <br />
I also received the cane many times, mainly between the ages 14-16.<br />
I still love a caning, but it is difficult to get a woman to do it. I love it quite hard.

What a wonderful memory to have.