I Got What I Deserved

My mom was the spanker in our family. It was always on the bare behind and she didn't care who was watching. She believed you should get spanked when ever you were bad even it it was on the public sidewalk in front of a store. Depending where we were at the time, she used her hand, or a paddle, or a belt, or a switch. I got spanked up to age 14, then her punishments turned into withdrawl of priviliges. They were more effective on me. By then I enjoyed the spankings so they were now longer punishment. I can really say I deserved every spanking I got. She never spanked me for no reason at all and I knew it.
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

When I was 6 I got a toy dart gun at my birthbay party. Mom told me not to shoot it. I did anyway and the dart hit one of the kids at the party. I lost my pants in a hurry and got switched while the kids and some of their parents watched. I got what I deserved.

i too was spanked by my mom naked as well like you.she too would do it anywhere we were she did it up in till my mid teens