More Than Spanking At My House

It was more like beatings. My dad used a belt, a cord, or switch from a weeping willow tree (I still hate those trees to this day!), whatever he could his hands on. When I was 16, he actually punched me in the face, giving me a black eye. The first he ever left a mark where someone could see it. Anyone who asked, I flat out told them "My dad punched me". For some reason, this drew giggles instead of horror, so I never spoke up again. I didn't see a therapist until after the basturd died. I was married and had 2 toddlers, and one on the way then. It took 7 yrs of intense counseling and therapy to get over what he did me. Believe "spanking" was a piece of cake compared to the rest.
I swore I would not hit my children, but I did, and then was consumed by guilt. I was a messed up parent for a few years, then the counseling stopped and I learned how to discipline with love, not anger. I now have 3 wonderful grown kids, who remember their childhood as "wonderful", and it makes me proud!
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I'm glad you are alright. Getting over something like must be hard. Growing up, my father never touched me. Mom, on the other hand, spanked me constantly and i deserved every one. After a spanking, i got corner time. After that, mom would sit me on her lap and talk to me and tell me why she spanked me. When she finished, she would either let me go or put something on my back side to relieve the sting. She would kiss me, hug me, and let me go. That's how you discipline a child.

I'm glad for you. I'm happy that you overcame the past and changed things for you AND your children. Good for you. You are a true victorious winner.

I had a father that got drunk...most of the time and almost everyday. Then I was his personal punching bag. At 12 or so something like that....he slammed me so hard into a wall that the wall broke and so did one the 2x4's in the wall. Then I got a **** beating for breaking the wall that he slammed me into. NICE. Its a good thing I was a well built kid...really strong bones...had I have not been....I would have been dead a long time ago. One he throw me so hard across the kitchen that I hit the fridge and dented in the more like caved it in...just before it tipped over onto its other side with a big BOOM as it landed on the ground. What a and milk and everything oozing out all over the place. Then got yelled at.....SEE...LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.

Sunshine,<br />
I am sorry for what you had to endure, but it sounds like it has made you a stronger person, You be that happy person and show them! <br />
Olderguy4,<br />
I didn't know I could tell some someone. I was threaten, esp. as I got older. Besides, I thought my life was normal. I was isolated from friends, so I had nothing to compare it wit.<br />
Karen,<br />
Thanks for your comments and for sharing what happened to you. Glad to know you will be a non-spanker!<br />
BigPoppa,<br />
Thanks for your comments too and sorry for whatever your dad did ti you.. I hope we can all heal from the abuse.

I am sorry for you. My grandmother spanked me with a weeping willow switch once on my wet swim suit for going into her pool without permission. It hurt so bad and my suit was actually stuck to my butt in places. I don't have kids yet but I will never spank them when I do.