Ran Off

I remember running screaming down the hall and hiding under my sheets at the threat of a spank from my mom.
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no i never messed myself ever .

i myself was always spanked on my bare bottom . as a very young child . as far back as i can remember . i got lots of spankings . i was always naked at home . my mum liked me to be naked around the house . i was only dressed if i was going somewere . if i was being unruly or cheeky or i did anything wrong . i got a very hard spanking from my mum . i was always afraid . i definately felt fear everytime i got a very hard spanking on my naked bare bottom . as i got older i new my mum would never stop spanking me untill i was crying . i was getting used to the spankings . i would try not to cry for as long as i could . i did not no why i did this . the spankings were very painfull and i longer and harder spankings untill i was crying . my bottom got lots of bruisesis . as i got to age 7 or 8years old my mum had to use a bathbrush on my naked bare bottom hard because i would not cry i had got used to her spanking me hard .the bathbrush made me cry . i was in tears crying like a big babby . as a teenager i had feelings of excitement knowing i was to be punished on my naked bare bottom . even as a teenager my mum liked me to be naked around the house . i was with a red bottom for everyone to see . davidmaher48@gmail.com

I don't remember it happening after i had turned 10. My mom would spank me bare handed unless i was especially bad and for that she had a wooden paddle which was apparently a family heirloom

Dude love it, i remember running from my mom, especially at bedtime cuz all i had on was either just undies or pj's neither of which offer much protection from spankings. Love your profile stuff too share a lot of interests how can i talk to you won't let me send u a message

You sound a lot like me. Knowing in advance I was getting a spanking I would try to run from my mom one time I hid from her and that only made it worse. She spanked me with her hands to warm my butt then she go to the paddle and brush. OUCH Smarts like HELL.<br />
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I was spanked from age 4 til 17. I even was spanked at 23 by my mom.<br />
What did your mom use whan she spanked you for running? What age did you get your first and last spankings?