I Know Not To Pick The Smallest Switch!!!

I got soooo many spankings growing up. My mom used to send me out to pick my own switch. For the longest time I would grab the tiniest ones, thinking they would hurt less. Boy oh boy, was I wrong!!! Those are the worst and they sure leave some welts! It seems like my mom spanked me almost every day. My dad only spanked me one time...I had been sitting in the back seat and stuck my tongue out at them. Dad saw me in the mirror. lol. After spanking me, he walked off and cried though. Poor guy...

Once, after trying to hide under the kitchen table, I learned NOT to run/hide from the spankings! They're twice as bad then:P

I'm on the fence when it comes to the debate as to whether this is proper or not. Personally, I think it depends on the child. Some do better with spankings, others with time-outs, others with a simple talk. As for me, I can honestly say that it wreaked a lot of havoc on my relationship with my mother. I thought she hated me growing up and in turn, I wasn't very fond of her. However, she did teach me a lot about morals and manners. I have her to thank for instilling those lessons in my mind. I can say that her spankings never caused me to develop any violent tendencies or anything that a lot of people are accusing spankings of:P I simply learned me lessons, learned them well, and held a strong contempt for my mother. lol. However, now that I'm grown and on my own I am very thankful to her for everything...yes, even the spankings. I know she tried her hardest and did her best to make sure I grew into a wonderful person. I can never thank her enough for that.
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haha...this story has taken on a life of it's own...<br />
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What is a quince switch?

We receive spankings with a quince switch. Very flexible and strong, but very, very sore!!!

My aunt used switches, and they sting soooo bad especially on bare thighs. Ow! I used to think they weren't that painful until she got me with one. Yikes. I don't think she made my cousins get their own though. That would really be torture!

You've got a very good point. I agree with everything you said, although if I were to have children I'm not sure if I would spank them. It truly depends on the child. Every person learns differently and the same is with discipline. For one child you may be able to simply sit them down and have a talk and that will do the trick. With others you have to resort to making them sit in the corner for a while:P Others, well, you've got to grab the switch:P lol. I, personally, prefer the act of making them sit in the corner. I took MUCH more away from that than any switching or spanking I ever received. lol.

The choice of correction methods is yours, Karen. I personally prefer to a spanking as ONE of the methods for certain transgressions.<br />
I think the welts that Markus is referring to is the swellings on the butt that can burst open after a severe caning or switching.

I know what you mean about switches. I only got spanked with a switch once by my grandmother. It was a thin willow switch and it hurt so bad. I had these red lines on my butt that really hurt then after a few days they itched. Is that what you mean by welts? My mom sounds alot like your mother but she used a wood paddle and she would make me go and get it when she was going to spank me. It really hurt too but not as much as the switch. It really stung and hurt for a couple of days when I sat down. It seems like there where periods when I got spanked almost every day too. I used to hate it when I was still sore from a spanking and she gave me another one. But I also don't hold this against her. I think she was just trying to do the best she could as a single mother. I won't spank my kids though.

I agree. I got the switch on my bare butt and legs yeah OUCH!!!! I got them maybe three times a month. My last was at 14. Very embarrassing but effective.

My Mom was a pro at it. She would land a switch lash, slowly so the full effect of the sting set it. Than another..Etc.. The older I got, my Aunt who lived with us, had to hold me down for it. I wrote here about the whole experience a week or so ago.

Steve, you are 100% correct.<br />
I love your method of correction.

You are correct, a thin switch or cane does not always mean less pain. Force is about mass x acceleration. So even if something is think and light if it is accelerating when it strikes the force (and pain) is much higher. A think cane's tip can reach very high speeds and shoot through ther air and so the effect is very painful.<br />
<br />
My girls get the cane if they have misbehaved more then 3 times in the month (the first 2 are given wit the strap)

Amen to your story, and all the comments up to now!!<br />
I learned my lessons with spankings administered with love. One or 2 might have been excessive but I deserved every one of them.

I love how you stated that. Very true!

Spankings...when given with love and understanding...do have their place and can be a very useful disciline tool.