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Spanked With Love

I got spanked often, but never in a way that made me hate my mom. In fact she made sure that I knew she loved me even when she had to redden my behind. She would always explain first why she needed to punish me, then it was pants or skirt off, over her lap, and she would pull my panties down (she believed that a spanking was for the bottom, not for the underwear). When I was young she only used her hand to smack my rear end, but boy did she know how to use it! I would normally end up crying, but I cried more because of the embarrassment of the situation, not the pain. The sting disapperared quickly, and after the spanking was over, mom took me into her arms and told me that I was forgiven. Things changed a bit when I got older and mom began to use the wooden spoon to spank me. But even then I knew that I was forgiven when it was over, though the sting remained for quite a while.
Gerta68 Gerta68 41-45, F 38 Responses Aug 17, 2010

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Oh! The dreaded wooden spoon! That was always my mother's favorite implement. I dreaded it!

Me too, I was spanked many times growing up and never felt that my parents were doing it because they hated me. I did feel that sometimes I didn't always need to be spanked. That the moment I was caught being naughty I felt bad and wanted to be good. When I caught on that I was to get spanked I really wanted to stress to myself that this was going to be the last spanking I ever got. I accepted it a I was the kid, I was naughty, I was going to get spanked for it, and then all would be forgiven and it was.

You had a very good Mom, like her I believe all spankings should be given on the bare bottom, and when the spanking is over, it is over, and the after care should begin with hugs and letting them know that you still love them and the offense is forgotten unless it is repeated.

it is good that a parent talks to the kids during an after spanking
i have spank my girls fro years bare bottom with paddle i would blistered there little bottoms gtoood i would lecture before spanking an after leave them in room crying only to come back 5 mins later see if they are ok an not crying but most times are i would sit on bed an say when you are ready you can come down stairs an join us some times she would turn an we hug each ohter after spnakings

It is very important for a child to know what they did wrong that they were getting spanked for. A child knowing what they are being spanked for is the only way that a spanking will be effective for changing their behavior.

my mom does not love me

That is very sad. You deserve to be loved.

You are very lucky, and it is clear that your mom did it out of love. My dad is the same way, I always get a hug afterwards and know that I'm forgiven

you are so lucky to have a mother like that she did every thing right

For me, the key part of this is the forgiveness and hug at the end. Spanking breaks a child down temporarily so it's important to build them back up with love and forgiveness after the tears are gone.

That was a nice story enjoyed it spnkbooty :)

I never hated my mom or anything like that. I actually was really more upset with myself for making her spank me than I was at her.

I love my mom too. Yes I also git a good spanking when needed mom gave it to my sister and I bare bottom and hand spank for minor but if it was extreme we got the brush or paddle . My mom was the same she was very loving she always let me know why she disapproved our behavior. after it was over she do the same she love my sister and I letting us know we were forgiven. My mom in no way did anything wrong she never Bruce. just left a stinging red seat. My mom knew how to put the sting.

quite a love!!!!!<br />
me, my sister and my brothers all were spanked and caned by our mother, and we all do love our mother.

my mom also strike me many time because she lose self controle same time after she offered me gift when it was injust my wife pakistan christian daughter of a pastoor in pakistan 8 children received only 2 spaqnking her life her father stike always with hands and never bare for the girl minimum 2 smacks maximum 5 for the boys minimum 2 maximum 10 and he explain also why my wife first spank 8 years she said on christian school bastard to a boy dad listen obliged to excuse to the boy and give 2 good smacks on bum pain 30 minutes and tender to seat 1h second she 9 years she beat her cousin maria who said her silly girl father obliged both reconciled and spank both maria 2 smacks and betty my wife 5 strongs she feel pâin put cold water on buttocks there are small marks first no mark ; she painfull one hour and one other hour tender her dad give a cushion to seat lunch; he explain why he obliged to strike after he never strike her speaking was suffisant

my mom allwys told me why i was getting spank i wold be standing an tell me as she took my pants underpants down over her knees after the spankgn she let me cry little then comeinto me an hug me saying it was for my own good

Thanks for sharing your story. I think many of us can relate to much of what you expressed. While I was not spanked as often as my somewhat rebellious younger sister, I did get my fair share (well earned). Mother was always quite determined to do a good job at whatever she was engaged in and she used her hairbrush to good effect. I hated it at the time, but later came to understand that her combination of loving guidance and discipline worked well with both my sister and me.

A lovely account and I too feel that spanking has to be given within a fr<x>amework of love and also forgiveness.My parents were firm, fair and after a punishment forgiving, until the next time of course.

hello - i read with interest your recollection of being spanked. I am a keen disciplinarian and will use spanking to correct bad behaviour. It is always done fairly but firmly.

Now that's why moms are put on this earth, lol. To love, hug, teach and discipline.

I agree Gretchen my bottom was on fire & stung for hours after my Dad had smacked it & most times he only used his hand! I always had a cuddle at bedtime though even if i had been over his knee 3 times that day.I too have perfected a stinging smack that meets my daughters bottoms regularly!

Love the story Gerta. I wouldn't describe my mom's spankings as stinging though. Afterwards my bottom was more on fire, burning and on fire. It sure didn't go away quickly but WAS out of love and I miss her spankings dearly.

How old is he, Mary?<br />
With what do you prefer to spank him?

My son is still spanked and he finds himself over my knee regularly

I must say that I commend you for being such a strict, caring, and loving mom! Please do add me as well! Good day!

Nice, Angie!

A spanking is for the bottom, not for the underwear! LOL! That's hysterical! My mom never explained JACK to me while she was whacking away at my rear end. That's mostly because I already knew...! bad little me ;)

I did yes with love ~ told and showed them that.

T,<br />
Mine was not playing, but I deserved every one!<br />
I knew it was out of love!

My spankings were given from love but that wasn't apparent unlike tha anger that motivated the use of the slipper from mum or the regret when dad slippered me

Btrue,<br />
I had the same experiences / memories!<br />
So, yes you can believe it!<br />
I can also assure you that all the spankings I gave my children was with love. In fact!, it is an order from the Lord, as written a few places in the Word = Bible. I follow the commands.

I really want to believe this and feel it to be true from my heart... BUT, is it really common? Or is it just a comforting fantasy to sweeten the memories?