I Got My First Spanking At 14

I went to live with my father and step mother when I was 14.  My stepmother was a an old fashioned woman with her own ideas.   I hadn't been there for a week when I heard my 16 year old stepsister crying "No, No, No" in the family room.  Almost immediately, I heard a loud whack and her scream.  I went downstairs and there she was over my step mother's knee - bottom bared for a small paddle.  I was transfixed.  Suddenly it was over and Brenda was doing the spanking dance.  

My stepmother noticed me watching.   She said to me, "do you find this interesting?  I just stammered.   She then said, to me,  "well young man, this is as good a time as any to start with you.......get your britches down.:"   I knew that if I didn't do as I was told, I would get it worse.   I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor.   I then took down my boxers.   I just stood there in front of her and Brenda.  She then took me over her knee and gave it to me with the paddle good and hard.   I was dancing all over when it was done.
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I bet you were shocked and embarrassed at that first spankngs by your stepmom? Did you get spanked much after that and Neil what age? Did your stepsister see everything during your spankngs and did dad see some of the spankings given by your stepmom? At what age did you start puberty and had it started when you got that first spankngs? Why did you go to live with your dad and step mom?

did you get more spankings by her after that an all the same<br />
did stepsister watchthe others

When i was growing up in the 1950s 1960s Spankings were normal Discipline in most Homes if it was Deserved . all my friends got Spankings . as did i ALways on my bare bottom . my mum was very Strict . my bottom was red often and SomeTimes Bruised . mum never stoped until i was crying . as i got older the spankings got Even harder . When my mum.s hand was hurting She would use A BathBrush that ALways Bruised my bottom . it was as A Teenager i got Caned and Severe Strappings . i was being very Unruly in my teens . my Punished me lots on my bare bottom . But i was Stil Unruly My mum took me to see A Cholic Priest He Caned my bare bottom in frount of my mum Hard 12 whacks Then he gave my mum the Cane to use on my , my mum Caned my bare bottom often from then on . Being Thrashed by my mum did me no Lasting Harm . and i Stil Loved Her more than anyThing . i dont Think teenagers toDay no how lucky they are . it was all LEGAL IN THE 1950s 160s for an ADULT to give severe Discipline to A Child or even teenagers . Respected Trusted Gent Age62 years young davidmaher48@gmail.com

I can agree with that! I was born in 1955. Between the "Eisenhower 50's" and early 1960's, I got my share of spankings. So did my two younger brothers and oldest sister (born 1947). Our bottoms were bared and it was the paddle if we were home, the hairbrush if we were out and misbehaved. I don't endorse this kind of thing today (most adults, when they do it, are carried away by anger) but years ago, it was legal and approved.


What do you mean my spanking dance? Dance with your pant down? That's humiliating? Does the dance has to be ugly and do you have to smile while dance too?

What do you mean my spanking dance? Dance with your pant down? That's humiliating? Does the dance has to be ugly and do you have to smile while dance too?

Loved your story and I especially love your avitar!