Spanked In A Hotel In London

when I was 8 years old I was in London with my mom and little sister's mom had told us that we would be with her because London was a very big city and if we were away it would be difficult for her to find us again we went out to look at shops and then it was time for lunch my mom could not find my little sister we searched and searched and after half an hour we found her my mom was happy and mad at my sister and when we came back to our hotel room little sister scolded because she had not heard what the mother said after she had scolded said mom to my little sister that she should have a spanking so she put her above the knee and lifted her dress so her butt was only covered by her panties and then lifted my mother her hand and began to slap my little sister's butt after five minutes stopped my mother and sent my little sister on our bed to cry finished

Later that day we went out and looked at several shops and while my little sister and mother looked at the clothes would I would  look at video games while I looked at computer games took my mother some pants she would like I try and when she would find me, I was away she immediately began looking after me and also got some guards to look after me after an hour my mom saw me went and got hold of me we went back to the hotel when we entered our room I got an earful and after have scolded told my mom that I also should have a spanking and because I was the oldest would I be in the bare butt so mom took my pants and pulled them down so she took off my panties and pulled down so I stood in front of her bare butt so she took me over your knee raised her hand and began to slap me and I wept from the first stroke and continued for five minutes and then she stopped she pulled underpants and pants up again and sent me onto the bed to cry

we acted both properly the rest of the trip until the last night where we could not sleep and after our mother had said it five times that we had to sleep she went over to our bed turned us on to the stomach and gave us both a spanking, we cried until we slept next day we had to fly home and we behaved ourselves properly cause we would not have  a spanking again

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Another well deserved spanking.

how are you a female? in one of your stories you said you wore trousers and trousers were for boys?


Hmm... I remember that nights after the spanking was done... I was fall in sleep with my red butt up. Sometimes with a wet towell with ice inside from refrigerator on my sore buttoks. The sleep was the sweetest sleep that was fall in ever... but only when I was lie on the bed on my tummy. If the spanking was too severe, just after 2-3 nights I was able to sleep with my behind on my bed...<br />
Donjuul, where are you from? Your story is interesting :)

I think that both you and your sister deserved each spanking you got. Running away in a store and making your mother fear the worst is very bad and I hope the spanking you got taught you to not do it again. And although it is not quite as fair to spank a girl for not going to sleep I found that, strangely, it works. Sometimes my girls seemed to need just a stinging bottom too make them fall asleep.