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My Mom Told My Dad When He Should Spank Me

I had really strict parents. When I did forgiving sins I was punished directly by my mother, I got a slap in the face or had to kneel on a pillow with dry peas in it for at least an hour or I got some extra work to do, clean the basement... But when I did unforgiving sins, e.g. a bad mark in the school, I got punished by my dad. He was old school and punished me with an old saddle belt or a riding crop. He called me in his office, I had to put of my trousers, lean over his desk and he spanked me long and hard, 12 hits minimum, 60 maximum. I had to count. I think I got spanked once a week.
My dad got what he earned for it, he died a horrible death.
 I have five kids today, not only one, but I never slapped, hit or spanked them.
Permsforkidz2 Permsforkidz2 36-40, F 6 Responses Nov 26, 2010

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Permsforkidz2<br />
what shame that you have 5 baby goats but you do'nt love them enought to spank them say and think what you may about your but he loved you enough to give you correction when needed and to think you turned out ok boy what a bad father he was

Yes, that is indeed harsh. Especially at 18 or 19 it must have been embarrassing to be bare bottomed. I know I was embarrassed, though my Dad was only using his hand, which was bad enough.

@lisa I'm from Germany, born in the 70th. But my dad was a child of the 1920th, so he himself was raised old school. Both of my parents were academics and bohemians, who discussed with their hippie friends about liberalism and libertarian upbringing, and raise a child without taboos. When their friends were gone, the doors were shut, i got spanked for minor misdoings: forgot to gret our neighboor - a dozzen hits -, being late for dinner - 24 hits -, failed a latin test - 36 hits -, cried when my molars were pulled - 48 hits, - hide bad marks and a letter from school for my parents and lie to them - 60 hits for the smallest mistake 10 weeks long. My relatives, my teachers everybody knew, but all kept still, I too.<br />
The last time he spanked me I was 19 - for being a ***** - I flirted with my now husband.<br />
He was mean, hurt me, tortured me actually. So I have the right to hate him and feel sattisfied, when I say he earned what he got. It was his phrase: You get what you earn. (Du kriegst genau das was du verdienst.)<br />
As a Christ I forgave him.

Your Dad does sound like he was too harsh, so I don't blame you for feeling resentful. At what age did he stop spanking you? It sounds like you are from a non-USA country. Can you tell us what the spanking practices are like there, whether your experience was typical?

It was definitely a hard life to live as a child knowing that you had to both love and fear your parents. You can blame old school upbringing for those experiences. I went through the same thing. I am not at all saying that what they did was right but to say that dying a horrible death is deserved is a little severe don't you think.