Spanked By Dad

I was spanked by Dad thoughout my childhood. I come from a good home and went to good schools, boarding schools from the age 8. I was slippered and caned at school, but at home it was always an old fashioned spanking. In may ways I was lucky, my cousins were regularly caned or leathered or beaten with riding crops. I guess it was because our grand parents were very strict with our parents. We were all sent to "thrashing schools" ie schools that believed in corporal punishment and applied it liberally.

I was spanked by Dad from about the age of four or five when it was felt I was too old for a nursery spanking - ie from Mummy or the nanny (which is not as posh at is sound - basically a glorified au pair). Nanny was big on pulling my pants down and spanking me where I stood - at home or in public. Mummy was a hair brush afficionado.

Dad was more discreet though, but spankings were rarely carried out immediately. He would make it clear to me that I was going to get a spanking for whatever I had done or said or not done, and I'd have to await my fate. He usually spanked me at bedtime, or if he was going out I'd have to get ready for bed so he could spank me before he went out. He wasn't very discreet about telling me though. Whoever we were with would be left in no doubt what my fate was - whether family, friends or even complete strangers such as waiters.

This was fine up until I was about 12, but started to get embarrassing after that. As a teenage being told in front of other people that you were going to be spanked was humiliating. It was not quite so bad with my cousins as it was pretty much the same for them, except they had more to fear. That said Dad spanked me more often and for more minor things. It was pretty much his only disciplinary tool. It wasn't bad in front of my friends when they came to stay in the holidays. I had witnessed them being told they were going to get it and had been in their houses when they did get it. Likewise, having a friend to stay would not stop Dad making me get into my pyjamas ready for a spanking, and then take me into my parents bedroom to lay it on.

The spankings were pretty much the same, pyjama trousers down (meaning a bare bottom), over his knee and a good spanking with his hand and/or slipper. No six of the best - he spanked me relative to how serious it was. A routine spanking was until my bottom was red and my eyes moist. He woudl spank at a fairly fast pace, alternating between buttocks. For more serious offences he would spank my buttocks until red, then the backs of my thighs (very painful) before making me get up and fetch the slipper from across the room. He would spank me with the slipper until I really cried. Very rarely he would spank me with a leather strap. This was always in the kitchen on a hook where we kept our coats and wellies. Havign to walk through the house bare bum and willy havign already been spanked was awful. Not so bad if it was just Mummy in the house, although she only ever said it was what I deserved. Worse if my aunts or Mummy's friends were around, or even one of my friends staying. He used the strap rarely, maybe once a year.

When I was younger he'd only give me 5 or 6 strokes whilst across his knee, but as I got older he gave me a few full on spankings with it, bent over the end of the bed. I was usually crying before he started. On those occassions his aim to to make sure it was a spanking I would not forget. Fortunately his did this only a handful of times.

Dad spanked me until I left school at 18. Well in truth he did spank me once during my first term at University, as I came home a bit full of myself (and for a brief period later - see below) . Being spanked over the knee and bare bum at 18 was unusual I guess, but not to me. I loved my Dad very intensely. His anger or disappointment was far worse than a spanking to me. A spanking cleared the air. Afterwards we'd hug, and he'd kiss me. The following day he would keep referring to my sore bum to wind me up. You also have to remember that I was away at school a lot. It was as much an act of intimacy as a punishment. The only times I really minded was the two occassions he spanked me in front of my best friend and my cousin. Both times for e being mean to them whilst they were staying. My best friend was most amused (and turned on) to see me undressed and spanked. It left me vulnerable to his advances in order to buy is silence! The worst was beign spanked in front of my female cousin. That was humiliating. I cannot recall what it was I had done. I do remember Dad makign me bend over the bed when he had finished and lettign her have half a dozen strokes with the slipper.

Also it is important to understand that I suffered a lot of corporal punishment at school all the way until I left at 18. Those beatings were harsher and without any love. That said I was quite turned on by having my bum thrashed. It was a bit of a problem at home once I reached puberty. As soon as Dad pued my PJs down, my willy would spring up. He used ot lay a towel over his lap as I often had a little spillage! Not a full on ejac - but enough to be embarrassing.

There was one pther period when Dad spanked me - when I was 20. I had taken a year out of Uni as I was not having a very good time. My parents had split up during my first year and it had affected me badly. I spent a few months living in a caravan on a family friends farm (very cold - living on steln veggies and in an old army coat and wellies 24/7) after dropping out of my second year part way through. Dad came to visit me and I kind of broke down, feeling not very adult and more than a bit stupid, so I asked him to spank me. He said no at the time, but I ended up going home with him. After I'd had my first good meal in months and a long bath, I had got into my PJs which Dad had laid out for me. When I came out of the bathroom he was waiting in the doorway to his bedroom (Mum had been to the one to move out). He just said "come on then", and I noticed that he had the slipper in his hand. He gave me a good OTT spanking with it followed by a good strapping. I cannot tell you how much better I felt. I was at home for about two months.He spanked me regularly during that period until I went back to Uni. I missed the spankings when I did go back, and often yearned for him to spank me whenever I went home. I asked him a couple of times but he refused. I think he realised that I was enjoying it.

In reality it was worse than that. I was really turned on by it - the infatilism of him outting me across his knee and the physicall pleasure of being spanked. Our relationship had gotten a bit sexual. Consequently we never talked about it again and I felt unable to move back home after Uni. Both things I regret now that he had gone.
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too much pain

Aussiegrl and all others who experienced the same as Aussie,<br />
I'm VERY SORRY to hear of your abuse and humiliation. Scars (emotional) are definitely left on once personality! That kind of hitting has NO place in correction!!<br />
I can assure you that every 1 of you who have received that kind of hitting +, you described, was not corrected, but buggered up, and you have the right to feel disturbed!<br />
If correction are given the correct way like the Bible says = with LOVE, then you would have gained from it and experienced the love of the person who administered it.<br />
I feel for you!

Aussiegrl - I'm sorry it affected you that way. It affects all of us that suffered parental beatings, but for me it played with my sexuality. By the way I'm male and gay. I think it messed with my development.<br />
<br />
After uni I ended up living with my uncle and aunt who treated me as part son part slave. He loved to humiliate me in front of his daughters. He regularly took me into the barn to neat me and then **** me. I allowed it to go on for several years. A consequence of my skewed relationship with dad!

I was mostly spanked with clothes on, jeans, swimmig trunks, shorts, underwear, pj's, but one time I was whipped bare bottomed, for messing myself, and I peed myself while I was being spanked, I miss those days, now.

When i was young at time i was naughty it would be mum that would punish me. it would be trip over her knee and would spank me with the wooden spoon. occassionly would break one on me. depending upon the offence would determine if it was bare backside or overpants. more regular over my pants.

find your story disturbing and very sad. <br />
<br />
I grew up with strict Italian parents and my Father was extremely hard on us and hit us when he felt like we did something wrong, even if it was just that me and my sister were innocently laughing in our room at bedtime, he would come in take off his slipper with its very hard plastic sole and hit us as many times as would make him feel better or relieved his stress. <br />
<br />
Or if he asked us to pick the beans from the backyard crop that he had pulled out and we missed some when he went to check.<br />
<br />
There were many varied beatings and he was also very emotionally abusive and negative all the time.<br />
<br />
What is more disturbing is now I am 34 and my father is in his 70's he has never acknowledged what he did to us, infact when I was younger I confronted him about it and he said he did the best he could and that I had no idea how stressed he was. I didnt think that being stressed was a real excuse.<br />
.<br />
I have just had my first child this year and I find it an abhorent thought that hitting a child can be seen as discipline, I know from my own experience that it traumatises you and actually sets you up for being self destructive and not proactive in life (which is ironically the opposite of what my father wanted us to be). <br />
<br />
I know that is what happened with me, my oldest sister and my brother who got the worst of the abuse.<br />
<br />
There have been recent studies done that show that hitting a child in that way stunts their growth developmentally and emotionally. I know that my anger towards my father consumed my as a teenager and it had massive ripple effects in my life that I feel in retrospect sapped me of my motivation. It took years of ernest emotional work for me to get to the stage of feeling happy and successful in life because of that.<br />
<br />
I also think that when a Father pulls down a 17 year old girls pants to spank her as you mentioned happened to you, there is something very disturbing going on in his mind, it has sexual connotations to it, this is not a normal thing for a father to do, it is abuse and it should not be happening. <br />
Anon.<br />

I, too miss those days as well, both parents are gone. And knowone now to spank me either, which I need badly.

I was also spanked thru shorts in the scouts. I'm sure the Scout Assoc wouldn't have approved but it was a boarding school troop. Skip was a master and the patrol leaders prefects. At troop meetings our patrol leader would slipper us all thru our khaki shorts if we came last at anything or misbehaved. At camp we were got the slipper thru cotton shorts with no undies. Mainly for being too noisy at night. Straight after kit inflection offenders would have to step forward in front of our kit, turn and face our patrol. When my turn came i'd bend over grabbing my ankles inside my wellies and wait for the first blow of the slipper. <br />
The worst I ever got was a patrol spanking. I got caught being "beastly" with a boy from another troop. I was given a choice - be sent back to school in shame or take my punishment. That consisted of a spanking with a slipper from each boy in my patrol then being tied to a tree for the rest of the day with my shorts pulled down.

Not by Dad, he always spanked me bare bottomed, but I was spanked and prefects and slippered by masters on my shorts at my prep school. Some of the masters would whack very hard. Prefects (11yo boys!) specialized in spanking backs of my legs so my shorts rubbed or in winter the backs of calves so my wellies would slap sore legs as I walked.

Many thanks for spending all that time writing a great story. Were you ever spanked on the seat of your school shorts?