Spanked By Aunt

when i was 18 i was living with my aunt. she was very strict and didnt take any nonsense from her two boys. it was so embarrasing. ever mornig my aunt would leave to go to work at 8 and her two boys would leave with her. so i had the entire house to my self untill i left for class at 11am. so little after she left i grabed this playboy dvd i had and went into her room because she had the only dvd player in the house and started watching it. whle i was watching it it was not my plan to start playing with my self in her room but could not control it, the girls looked so good, so i started using her vaseline to pleasure my self. unfortanly that day my aunt came back home with co worker. i did not here my aunt come in so when she made it to her room to i was there totally nude ************ to the dvd. my aunt screamed what the hell are u doing and her co worker ran up the stairs and asked if everything was ok ..and saw me. her co worker was very sexy she was 23 and was wearing a blouse with a little cleavage. i just exploded every where .my aunt friend started chuckling saying under her breath i didnt now people had penis so small. i tried to cover my self up but my aunt said boy u aint got nothing to hide move your hands. she than grab a belt and proceded to spank my but infront of her co-worker. my aunts co worker at this part was laughing histercally at the site of me getting spanked butt naked. I still remember being exposed and spanked nud einfront of her. i could see her eyes watch my litlle penis flop up and down with spank i got .when it was done my butt was burning so bad i had my to hands on y cheeks keeping me fully exposed. my aunt than grab me by my ear and put me under the shower to wash my nastyness off. it was so embarrsing i could over hear my aunt co worker on the phone talking and laughing about how small my penis was about my woping and how i crying. i over heard my aunts coworker asking how old i was and when she said i was 18 she started laughing even more saying i just assumed he was 13 jus seeing his size and evrything.

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2 Responses Dec 8, 2010

I feel your pain, as well! With the small penis, and the *** whippings, Been there, done that, too! But never from my aunt, though. By grandmother, both parents, grandfather, and babysitter, health teacher, principal.

i been there too