Spanking Thoughts And Memories

I was spanked as I grew up in the 1990's and 2000's. From what I remember I was spanked since I was really little all the way up until I was 15. I was a late bloomer and didn't have any signs of puberty until summer vacation when I was sophomore in high school. I'm pretty sure this contributed to me getting spankings past the age of 12. When I turned 13 I was still wearing kid’s size 8 to 10 and was around 70 lbs and by the time of my 15th birthday I was still in kid’s size 12 and was around 95-100 lbs. My younger brother was spanked up until 13, but he grew faster than I did.

Spankings were done on the bare butt by either mom or dad. They were always hand spankings. I was never beat or hit with any objects. I was usually a good kid as I wanted to avoid a spanking at all costs and was spanked at the most once every couple months. Usually a warning was enough to make me stop what I was doing. The first time I remember being self conscious about it was around the age of 12. It didn't even involve a spanking, but my parents were having a party at the house with relatives and all the adults were seated talking at the dining room table talking and I had been bugging my aunt all afternoon to play a game with me. I was doing this every 10 minutes for like an hour.

Looking back, I was being really annoying and I remember my dad saying, "She will play with you when she's ready, if you don't stop it your getting a spanking". Not realizing it, left the dining room in a hurry, holding my hands behind my butt. I then overheard my dad second later talking about my reaction to being warned and how I listened, essentially how I walk out holding my bottom. I'm pretty sure this was an empty threat, but I didn't think so at the time. It was really at this point, I thought to myself, gee that's a little humiliating, other than that I didn't give it much thought at the time.

Once I hit 13, I had the attitude that I'm too old or big for spankings and still at this point I never cooperated with the parents if they were going to punish me. My brother at the time was 9 and I remember asking my mom isn't it much harder to spank me because I'm 13 years old now. She simply told me that there was no difference in spanking me vs. him and I remember this totally ticked me off. Again at the time I was like 70 lbs, so both parents had no problems at all manhandling me. Refusing to go to my room would result in me being hauled up there by either one of them. The process for being spanked really didn't change much from age 8 to 15. If I went to my room on my own (usually when this happened I wasn't sure I was even going to be getting a spanking) the spanking would happen within an hour.

When I was told ahead of time a spanking was coming, it resulted in me begging and then refusing to go to my room. In this case the spanking came quickly. Usually mom or dad would simply pick me up and take me to my room. When this happened, I was begging, trying to put all my weight down, giving it 100%, but there was nothing I could do. Once in my room, mom or dad would pull my pants down. If I was being carried, then this usually happened while my feet were off the ground and mom or dad would simply pull them down and then in one motion, sit down on the edge of the bed and put me right in place over the knee. They would always explain why I was getting a spanking. During this time I was trying everything to squirm out of there, but again it was futile and yes I was crying too.

As I got older, I'd say 12 through 15 I was really upset as to what I perceived as my mom or dad was ignoring me as I was trying to have a conversation with them while I was in full tantrum. What I didn't understand is that they had made up their mind already that I was going to be spanked. I didn't want to admit to myself I couldn't do anything about it. Those were my thoughts on the trip to the room as my pants were being pulled down and while they were trying to explain why I was being spanked.

That said, once the first spank hit my bottom, any of those thoughts went away and 100% of my attention was now on getting to my butt. I was totally focused on the fact my butt was hurting, no different than when I was 8. I remember trying to do anything to reach my butt, yet I was pinned in place. All I could see was the floor and the side of my bed. I remember crying and actually yelling that my butt was hurting. In retrospect, this was pretty dumb as they knew the spanking was working.

Even at 15, I remember one time in particular I was giving my mom a ton attitude, I got warned that if I didn't stop I'd be getting spanked and for some stupid reason I told her to shut up. My shut up comment went to "sorry, I'm so sorry mom, please don't" as she hauled me up to my room like an 8 year old. I remember her telling me I wasn't sorry and the only reason I was saying that was because of the hole I dug myself. 20 seconds later I was really balling as I got spanked 8 to 10 times like many times before.

There really never was modesty issue with being spanked bare butt even toward the end. I assume this was simply because of how immature I was.

I am wondering if anyone else who was small and immature for their age had to go through this.
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Dylan, once you reached 15, were there a couple of times you were spanked after you started getting soime hair down there and possibly had a small bush that mom saw? Was your brother ever spanked bare bottom after he had reached puberty and showed some hair down below or were they stopped before that time or before mom ever saw that part.

Hey James, to be honest I don't really remember thinking about it at the time. If I had any hairs it wasn't something I was thinking about. I started noticing I had hair right before i turned 16 and I know I wasn't spanked then.

In terms of my brother I think my parents stopped spanking before puberty kicked in.

I was spanked as a small boy by my mon. It was always on the bare. She used a hairbrush. As i grew older, I'd get a whipping on my bare butt and legs with a thin belt. As a teen and pre-teen, I'd get the razor-strop. I also frequently got the paddle.<br />
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They paddled in my high-school, particularly juniors and seniors. If I got paddled in school, I was sure to get the strop that Friday night and spend the weekend on my stomach.

Im 15 and both my parents use a belt on me. Sometimes with boxers on sometimes not. Got a belting today from mama.

I have not received as many as most people have. They were horrible though. I would not do it to my kids. I don't really believe in discipline. I believe in managing behaviours. It starts from managing my behaviour towards my kids or any kids for that matter. Why do I need to do this? because a person who knows how to control his behaviour and emotions without breaking his head on the wall. Sooner or latter that person will be able to control kids behaviours and deal with them without causing pain to them. The disadvantage of this however is that it takes lots of time and effort. I don't have a problem taking the time and making the effort. Most parents do. So they choose the easy way.

I don't remember there being any difference between being subdued by either parents. I think because although I would fight and resist, i was so weak and small they were able to handle me with no problem. I feel a lot of shame about it now, but didn't back then.

I was actually big for my age but until about 13 or 14 90% of my honest to goodness spankings were from my mom. Like you I would wrestle and fight her and somehow she managed to subdue me. I resisted my father as well, but he was much bigger than my mom and could easily get me under control. My mother would have to work to lick me as I got older and this made the whole thing much more dramatic and emotional than it should have been. In retrospect i would have been better off giving in and getting it over with. <br />
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I can relate to your sense of frustration at not being listened to! Even tho i would be blubbering and crying and nearly in hystericss. I never talked myself out of a spanking that I can recall right off! Still I refused to give in when it was inevitable.<br />
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I can tell you that I behaved very unmanfully, and it was a great shame of my life, I think.

That's simply my best guess. After summer vacation of my Sophmore year, I never received another spanking. Being a late bloomer really sucked.

That's very interesting that your parents instinctively used the onset of puberty as the threshold for spanking or no spanking. I wasn't small for my age so I didn't experience that personally, but I had a friend who was a very late bloomer like you, and we had reason to believe that he was still being spanked at age 14. At that time he still looked like a little boy while the rest of use were maturing rapidly. <br />
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Note also that your childish physique was matched by your childish behavior! The way you describe yourself, it does sound like you were sometimes asking for it. ;-)

Atleast you realize that your attitude is what got you put in that situation.

Killer story Dylan, loved the details. I was the youngest brother and I got spanked as much and maybe more than my older bros. Got it as regular punishment til like jr high age but I also got a few in High School for really bad things... probably til 15 or 16... I'd love to talk w/you can u send me a message?