Spanked In Front Of My Step Brother

I was spanked all through my childhood and now like to be spanked by my new girlfriend. We only met the other day when we nearly ran into each other goign into the supermarket. We happened to both be wearing black Hunter wellies, which kind of kicked things off. Over coffee things got pretty personal and I admitted for the first time in my life that I like to be dominated and humiliated. We went back to hers and had a full on and fairly kinky session with me on all fours lickign her boots clean while she whipped and spanked me. She is amazing and he have been at it daily since. It had made me think back to why I like this though, and this is why. I've told her about it but feel the need to share it with more people.

My real Mum died when I was a small kid and I was brought up by my Dad mostly. We lived with my Grand Mother until I was about 10, but then we moved out as I could take care of myself when he was at work. He was always strict with me, particularly if he thought I had been rude or thoughtless towards my Grandma.. His only way of disciplining me was to spank me, wit hhis hand or a slipper. He always spanked me in my bedroom, with him sitting on the edge of the bed and me over his knee with my trousers and pants down or completely off if he was goign to put me in the corner afterwards.

This was okay I guess, as it was between the two of us, he was my dad and it was what I knew. Things changed however, when he met another woman. She had two kids, a son and a daugher. He is two year younger than me and she is four years yonger. It was bad enough when he would tell them that he'd spanked me earlier or that I was going to get a spanking, but it got worse when they moved in. This was no Brady Bunch, but we got on okay. At first we were dealth with separately. They were disciplined by their Mum and me by Dad. They got a lot of corner time, but I always got spanked. The worse thing was that Sam and I had to share a bedroom, and Dad wouldn't make him leave the room when he was going to spank me as logn as he was at his desk doing his homework. It was humiliating to have my pants pulled down in front of Sam, when I was supposed to be his new big brother, and he enjoyed it. If there was one thing that would make him go to is desk to do his homework, it was the prospect of his big step-brother getting a spanking.

This caused some tension between us, with Sam trying to get me into trouble by fighting. At worst he'd get a hour in the corner, whereas I'd get a sore bum and corrner time. Their Mum did spank them but not nearly as much, and she always took them into her bedroom to do it. She was tougher in a way as she used a cane on them, but just not very often. Things eased a bit when they started to cross-parent. they sat us down one day and told us straight that we had to listen to both of them and that we would get punished by both as well. That changed things quite a lot. Sama dn my backsides became Dad's territory. Chrissy would punish us if Dad wasn't around - she'd put us in the corner or lock us in the cupbaord under the stairs. She liked to do than to Sam as he was afraid of the dark. Spankings though were at Dad's hands. He'd often come hoem to find Sam and I in the corner or in the cupboard awaiting a spanking. He would wearily take us upstairs to our room. If we were both being spanked, he would spank Sam first. he only ever pulled Sam's pants down enough to show his bare bum, I think because he wasn't his real dad.. I'd have to remove my trousers and pants completely whilst Sam was gettign his. Sam would be sent to his corner while I bent over Dad's lap to get mine. Of course that meant my corner time was bare arsed whereas Sam got to pulled his pants back up. Dad was also much stricter with me. i got spanked more often. Chrissy would normally blame both of us, whereas Dad would single me out. He also started to use a leather strap on me as I got older, whereas he only strapped Sma a couple of times.

There was a period when Dad was away on business alot when Chrissy had to take charge. The cane appeared fro her bedroom where she had been using it exclusively on Kelly (who got a lot of canings).  During that period she would cane Sam and I bent over the table in the kitchen. As we mostly wore jeans when not at school, she'd make us remove our trousers and would cane us through our under pants. I admit I got turned on by this and often had a stiffy afterwards. She foudn this funny and sometimes tweaked by crotch. Sam hated it though. He was always very upset after a caning whereas he didn;t mind so much beign spanked by Dad. By then I was in my early teens and Sam had started at sedondary school.

That was how it was until I narly sixteen. When Dad was home Sam and I would get regular spankings. Usually second day he was back froma trip he'd take us upstairs and give us a good spanking fir all the things we'd done whilst he was away. Sam would get a slippering and as the eldest I would get a spanking followed by the strap.  Whilst he was away, we'd get caned by Chrissy. She wasn't good in the mornings, so the three of us were often dispatched to school with a sore backside.  I got on really well with Chrissy and we were close, particularly when Dad was awya. She trated me like a young man rather than a child, so was a bit embarrassed to be caning me but constantly explained that she hd to be fair. She'd try to make a joke of it and I never held it against her. It was Chrissy who got me into wearign Hunter wellies. She had several pars which she loved to wear,a dn she bought me a black pair. We would go out to gether in them. It was a fetsih thing., just something funny between us.

When I was comign up to my sixteenth birthday, Chrissy treid to persuade Dad that I was too old to spank. He wasn't keen on stopping, but made a deal with me and Sam (who was already fourteen) - if we could avoid giving him cause to spank us for three months then he would never spank us again.  To make it fair he said he would only spank us if we really deserved it, ie not just because we were being irritating. We were still puncihsed but only with being grounded, losing our allowance and corner time. Sam and I made a pact to help each other avoid trouble, rather than trying to drop each other in it. It was workign fine. Sam and I were getting on better than ever. I missed beign caned by Chrissy, but it was a price worth payign to avoid the humiliation of one of dad's spankings.

All went well until the time was nearly up, then I got my mock exame results. They were awful. I stood in the kitchen figting back the tears as Dad and Chrissy went through them with me. I was devastated. I thought I was doing well. And the it happend "sorry son, I'm ging to have to spanl you for this. Up you go."

Of course Sam was at his desk trying to keep out f the way. It was as I was removingmy trousers and pants that the penny dropped. Sam let out a surpressed laugh "Oh my god, he's goign to spank you"". I said yes and realised what it meant just as Sam said "you know what that means." My heart sank. Dad made Sam leave the room for which I was gateful As I stood in front of him ready to bend over I asked the question "Dad, does this mean you are goign to carry on spanking me." I remember he rubbed my bottom and said sorry "its for your own good". When I asked for how ling, he said until I left school. I was crying as I bent over. He gave me a good hard strapping, but I didn't mind that, it fitted how I felt.

And that was that. Sam lasted the course and was therefore free from the threat of being spanked. Whereas I was spanked until I left school at nearly nineteen. Endless times Sam sat at his desk almost wetting himself with laughter as I was over Dad's knee getting my bare bum whipped. Chrissy didn't think it was fair, so carried on caning Sam until he was 16. However, Dad insisted that she therefore continue to can me too. She didn't do it often, only when she had to admit it was both of us or I had done somethign she had previoulsy caned Sam for.

Thoe were horrible years, where I was in thrall to my little step-brother who could blackmail me with the threat of dropping me in it with Dad. I refused his blackmail often, but he couldn't lose as then he got the joy of watching me undress and get my bum whacked, not to mention the fun he'd have if I got bare arsed corner time as well. The only relief for me at that time was that Chrisyy and I got more intimate, but that's for another day.

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Did Chrissy ever spank you with underpants off or down to the ankles or did she ever spank Sam that way? Did Chrissy ever see you naked after a spanking from dad or see an actual spanking that dad was giving you. Dd your dad spank Sam naked from waist down when he was 14 in front of you?

if your girlfriend spanks you now. That is not an issue. It's called erotic spanking that you're agreeing to. In this case, i don't have anything to say against that. Spanking a kid however is out of question.

Thanks all. It wasn't fair. I don't see my step brother at all now. Not long before I went to uni he humiliated me in front of friends by telling then he'd get me spanked after we'd had a fight.I laughed it off but got a good whipping which he then told them about. I have never forgiven him.<br />
<br />
As for Dad he is all I have since gran died.<br />
<br />
My girlfriend spanks me now - a very different feeling

That's totally not fair. Your brother and dad really make me mad