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Mom Spanks Me

First I was think cause I'm six years old do I belong in this group. I was bugging Jade cause May left today for some party so I needed some thing to have fun with. Jade says Sam go away I want to watch this show. I say o come on! Mom walks in the living room and says what's going on here. Jade says mom Sam won't stop bugging me. Mom says is this true Sam. I say no it's not. Mom says Sam and she looks at me with the face. I say ok yes it's true but I'm bored. Mom says that's no excuse Sam no say your sorry. I say sorry for bugging you Jade. Jade says what ever. Mom grabs me by my arm and drags me and says now for bugging her and lying to me your going to get a spanking. I try to pull my arm back but mom is stronger then me I say no mommy please no spankings hurt. Mom says so does having some one lie to you Sam sorry but this is just so you won't do it again. I say no please. Mom bends me over her lap and pulls down my pants and panties and turns on my tv and changes the channel to Disney which they were passing my favorit show. Mom says now I put one of your shows on so you don't feel so bad. I say I'm sorry mommy. Mom smacks my but like 10 times hard then stoped and said there Sam dont lie to me again. She lifted me up and sat me down on her lap. I say ow mommy my but. Mom lifts me up and says oh sorry Sam and sets me down on the floor and says now pull up your pants and go play. She leaves and I lift up my pants rubbed my hurting but. I go and ask Jade for her iPod and she said sure. I took it and posted this.
Samgt Samgt 13-15, F 13 Responses Feb 3, 2011

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look at mine please

what ev

being spanked hurts

whos been spanked by your cosions dad i have

when i was little maybe six i was at my cosions house we where jumping on the bed i think but any way the bed broke and there dad spanked all of us bare bum with his hand it hurt

Hahaha once I broke my sis barbie doll n she told mum I got spanked 50 times because I ran n accidentally kick her I think I was 6 that time

What's the point of spanking harder if you cry, and not stop spanking until you cry...? That's just a wierd point of view.

Your mom wedgies you lucky

And when ever I be bad I get lots of wedgies from my mom and I mean she gives me all of the wedgies

I have a friend named kimmy and she never and I mean NEVER gets Grouned!

i was Born in 1948 . and YES i Remember that happening to me often as A Teenager . My Mums Friends Wanting to see my bare bottom after i had been Thrashed Severely . Mum would Unzipp my Jeans Allowing Her Friensd to Look at my Bruised bare bottom No one new how i was Feeling as my bottom was being Fondled . in my teens i SomeTimes got Erections as the Ladies were feeling and rubbing my bottom . Behind Closed Doors Things Just Happen . Respected Trusted Gent . Age62 years young .

I was born in the 50s and was spanked at least once a week by my mother always bare arsed over her knee.<br />
It didn't matter who was there i ended up facing the wall while my mother and guests sat around talking as if i wasn't there.<br />
i really hated it when my aunt( really moms lady friend)was there ,she was chubby with bleached blond hair mom would describe to her how she had spanked me and one time she called me over to her and lowered my shorts to have a look at my backside.<br />
i hated her seeing by bare butt more than the spanking

When i was A youngster in the 1950s Everyone i new Got Spankings on the bare bottom from Mums . i MySelf was often Spanked . i Remember Crying lots . the more i Cryed the harder mum Spanked my bare bottom . Twice as much as my friends Got Spanked . SomeTimes Twice in the sameDay i was A Very NaughtyBoy in the 1950s . it did me no Lasting Harm . as a teenager if i Deserved to be Punished and i did often . my mum would have me over the Kitchen Table , bare bottom would be Beaten With A Thick Heavy Leather Strap . my mum Gave me Severe Strappings . She Whacked my bare bottom as hard as she could Until i had Deep red marks . Even as A Teenager i Cryed a lot . mum never Stoped Until i was Crying . i Tryed not to Cry . for as long as i could . my mum ALways Strapped me harder and faster When i Strated Crying then Stoped .Respected Gent .Age62years young . Looking Back to when i was a youngster .