Spanked By My Mom And Sister

My mom spanked me bare since I was a little kid (probably around 6), but only with her bare hands. As I got older she upped the dosage and probably tried harder, but she never used anything harder than her hand. In the last couple of years I’ve discussed this with her, and she admits that her real goal was to embarrass me rather than hurt me. I don’t know if that makes it any better, but it must have worked because I remember the humiliation of stripping naked much more vividly than the pain of being spanked, especially since I usually wasn’t allowed to put my clothes back on for at least an hour, or sometimes until bedtime.

That was my mom. My little sister was a different matter. First off, she loved when mom spanked me because it was almost always for something I did to her, and because she was allowed to watch, which made the whole nakedness thing about 50 times more embarrassing. She frequently deliberately annoyed me into taking a swing at her so she could see me get it.

When I was 16 and my sister was 13, mom gave her permission to spank me if I needed to. At the time mom said she was mature enough to take charge, but recently she explained that it was more to do with my maturity than hers. She says I was developed enough that I didn’t look like a little boy anymore, which might make nudity alone less embarrassing. Being spanked by my little sister would make the whole thing as humiliating as ever, which it definitely did. My sister was only ever allowed to use her hands, but sometimes when mom was out I got it with a ruler and a brush. It hurt a lot more, but she never hit hard enough for the difference in my butt to be noticeable to mom.

Now I’ve told mom about that too, but we agree that it’s better to let bygones be bygones.
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it's somewhat same with me. i'm 18 and i'm still spanked by mom and my sister, who's my twin. till a couple of years back, we used to get it together when we did mischiefs. but off late it has been only me at the receiving end. last month i got caught ************ in my bedroom. now isn't tat my private affair?<br />
<br />
but mom didn't think so. in fact, i feel that she takes a queer kinda pleasure in spanking me naked in front of my sister, and bella, my sis, does the same. that day, mom caught me by my hair and pulled me down to the living room, her favourite spanking place. there, she sat on the sofa, laid me down on her lap and started spanking me with a hairbrush. i was already naked, as i was ************, so it was easier for her. bella was already there in the living room, she stood all the while beside the sofa, almost encouraging mom to go harder at it. <br />
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to the height of my embarrassment, mom left it to her after a while. she took it right up from there, by pulling me up by my hair and laying me down on her lap after she seated herse;f on the sofa and continued the spanking. i was spared only my *** was like a pomegranate red and throbbing!!

I am jealous. I always wish I had a sister. If I did I think my mom would let her spank me. I say that because my she practically encouraged my teen girl babysitters to spank me. Sometimes the last thing my mom would say to the sitter before leaving was "If he isn't good you have my permission to spank him"...a couple of the babysitters took her up on that. My mom was a big believer in female authority, that's why I think she would totally approve of a sister spanking.

My mother would allow sitters to spank me, but my sister was the one who encouraged them to do it. On a few occasions I did get a spanking the next day from my sister if she thought the sitter should have and didn't.

did your sister use to spank you nude? did she see your penis?have you ever got erections when u were 16? tell me if u wish, my mail id is i have same humiliating experience as yours.

did your sister use to span you nude? did she see your penis?have you ever got erections when u were 16? tell me if u wish, my mail id is i have same humiliating experience as yours.

I guess some things don't change. Years ago I also got spanked by my mother and sister. My sister was older than me and she was also a fan of the brush.

An too sometimes for fun spanked by mom and sis

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