Spanked By My Mom And Sister

My mom spanked me bare since I was a little kid (probably around 6), but only with her bare hands. As I got older she upped the dosage and probably tried harder, but she never used anything harder than her hand. In the last couple of years I’ve discussed this with her, and she admits that her real goal was to embarrass me rather than hurt me. I don’t know if that makes it any better, but it must have worked because I remember the humiliation of stripping naked much more vividly than the pain of being spanked, especially since I usually wasn’t allowed to put my clothes back on for at least an hour, or sometimes until bedtime.

That was my mom. My little sister was a different matter. First off, she loved when mom spanked me because it was almost always for something I did to her, and because she was allowed to watch, which made the whole nakedness thing about 50 times more embarrassing. She frequently deliberately annoyed me into taking a swing at her so she could see me get it.

When I was 16 and my sister was 13, mom gave her permission to spank me if I needed to. At the time mom said she was mature enough to take charge, but recently she explained that it was more to do with my maturity than hers. She says I was developed enough that I didn’t look like a little boy anymore, which might make nudity alone less embarrassing. Being spanked by my little sister would make the whole thing as humiliating as ever, which it definitely did. My sister was only ever allowed to use her hands, but sometimes when mom was out I got it with a ruler and a brush. It hurt a lot more, but she never hit hard enough for the difference in my butt to be noticeable to mom.

Now I’ve told mom about that too, but we agree that it’s better to let bygones be bygones.
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My sister was older than I was by a few years and she took every opportunity to pull down my pants and spank me. It was hard to admit it to myself back then but it was actually kind of erotic. The regular spankings stopped when she went off to college and I missed them. You say you don't think she'll spank you again, but do you want her to? I think as you gain a little experience, if you're still thinking about spanking that you'll be sorry she stopped.

Heh, it didn't seem lucky at the time but I missed it when the spankings stopped. She used her hand a lot but he also loved the hairbrush. No belts though. I've never felt one of those. If our mother knew, she didn't say anything to me. I can't see how she could have not known even though the spankings happened after school before my parents got in from work.

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i've been spanked about four times ever

To answer your question, subhubby, I'm 20 now and spankings pretty much stopped for me when I was 18 because I went away to college. My sister still jokes about spanking me again sometimes when I come home to visit, but I think I've grown up enough not to earn them anymore, and since I no longer require her services as a babysitter, she's not really in a position to spank me at will anymore.<br />
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So in short, no, I highly doubt that she'll spank me again in the future.

I would have imagined that, as you and your sister were growing up your mother would have discouraged rather than increase the contact and intimacy between you. Fortunately she didn't :) so you have all these nice memories to look back to.<br />
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If I may ask, you're 18-20 now so your sister started spanking you only 5-6 years ago. How long did this go on and why did she stop? Do you think she might spank you again in future?<br />
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Thanks for sharing.

With a sister like that, she will end up working for the CIA and the next thing she will do to you is waterboarding. Watch your back.