Now I Know Why We Can't Stop Wars

As long as Spanking gets justified, then it goes on Justifying why we have to fight in Wars.

I know that most spankings has done nothing more than to make justifications, as Parents do nothing more than vent their frustrations out on and with their kids. Or expecting subordination. I respect more for those you allow each of us the respect to being ourselves and thinking for ourselves. Not what someone else tells us. That's just the subtle forms of Dictatorship and where those ideas come from. Each person has a right to be who they are!

I See not Justification in this behavior. Not what so ever!

As being a Kid, I did my best and it wasn't good enough. I resent them all that I had.

I don't really see this kind of behavior justifies anything. If Parents want to teach their children something.

Examples and Actions is where it really lies at. Quit Being a Hypocrit!

Like spanking a kid for smoking cigarettes, while a Parent has one in their hand and smoking one themselves. I was never spanked for this, but giving an example that came to my mind right off.  If a Parent doesn't do it, then show examples and be redundant in explaining things by Examples and being understanding with a kid. How many Parents show they understand their Kids? Doubt It.

Obviously this is the Lazy part to Justify Spanking. And there is so much Hypocrisy. Think about it!

Meantime I had to vent and not get into all my detail as of yet as to what I think of it all or happen in my life. But this covers my first explanation in this mess.

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Anybody Who Thinks War's The Answer Is An Idiot Who In A Decent World Wouldn't Be Allowed Around Children Let Alone Allowed To Give Life To One!!!!!!!!!

My Story had bad grammar in it, but I was trying to make an attempt to how human psychology goes one way with things, is a cause and effect with for other things like dominoes or rippling effects. If I could make those unseen psychological characters that are in one aspect are the same for bringing up the idea in mind people have as to use forces in retaliations ... when spanked is shown as retaliation and bad, we then think on a larger scale on Countries and so we ... with military ... use our forces to retaliate what we think is bad.

Understood. But here in the U.S. you have to be given permission to strike your own child. The parents here have relinquished custody of their children to the criminal U.S. federal govt. The only parties that can engage in the corporal punishment, torture, and the murdering of children is the criminal U.S. federal govt.

I didn't read your story just the heading and concluding that you are clueless about bringing up child and dangerous parent whose kids cause all the problem being unruly :)

I did not understand your comment?

Because you are clueless

It goes both ways! You Too!

Why don't you go back to cooking for yourself and live us parents alone.

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I believe that spanking is child abuse. Though I was spanked, I did not spank. I found that conversation always brought out the reason for the behavior, and from the child's point of view, I learned much about reasons that were not bad - but were sometimes uninformed.<br />
<br />
But I do not believe that we have wars because we spank our children. I believe that we spank our children because we justify wars.<br />
<br />
Group meditation has been proven to end wars. You can find information if you look into research about the unified field of consciousness - also known as the unified field. Governments around the world, as well as major educational institutions have studied the claims and not one has been able to refute any part of the original study.<br />
<br />
So we have wars because we are ignorant, and we are ignorant because we are intellectually lazy (having been taught how to be so), which can only mean that we have wars because we choose to have wars. <br />
<br />
How unfortunate it is that if America (my country) were to declare peace, the entire global economy would fail. So we choose to have wars so that we don't have to fix what is so obviously unworkable.<br />
<br />
Most Americans are so functionally uneducated (in spite of their degrees) that they don't know that there is another economic model that will PREclude war. But that economic model requires equality, and capitalism (and the value of money) will die if equality is allowed to exist in our cultures.

your an idiot

Totally agree with you ChakraSolipsismMGP ....<br />
<br />
tell them where to go ...I'll lend you some A ...holes to throw at them too ...<br />
<br />
I got regularly caned at school basterds they were ...and they never broke my spirit ....<br />
<br />
Totally agree with you honeyLOVEmuffins ...well said

Much more Polite than Spanking Kids. You Talk about impolite? Just what Spankings are to Kids.

If I got Spanked as a Kid and I did not like it, I have the Damn Right to voice my views here about it. So Shut Up! If you like Spanking's ... I am sure the Hell would very well Give you them then! After some people like to be ... *** Holes, then very well! I give you my Virtual ones right now for your *** Hole Comments! (Newman & TJ50) I didn't have to search this. I saw the Stories in the Listings. There are those that think such was deserving and if any of us other's that also got the same experience's. I still think I have the damn right to say I Oppose them. So go **** Off with my Whipping. You think you deserve them and then for sure You Do!

Newman> I do agree with your statement. People who is against us being spanked has nothing to do but gripe. I was spanked and paddled on my bare and never hurt me. except my Pride.<br />
It did me good to have had the seat spanked because if I hadn't who knows what kind of like I have right now.Jail.

If you are so opposed to spanking, what the hell are you doing on this site? I mean, you had to search for it, didn't you? It didn't just appear magically in your browser. I have never understood people who are opposed to spanking going on spanking sites and throwing tantrums like this. it is pure hypocrisy. Now why don't you just tell us about a few of the spankings you got growing up and join the club?

i hate wars people die and families suffer.... no need

war invented everything, made our like better and more stable, do you ever think that or is it ok for you to be ruled by hitler.

Not saying that all wars will stop. But I do think having that same attitude that has lied in humans, is much the same for pushing justification with and for Wars. I'm just saying think about the phychology here and a piece of this puzzle can deal with this piece of catalyst that puts many into a Warish Mind fr<x>ame. I'm sure there is more to it. But there are pieces to a lot of things in this life. Not necessary is every little aspect is the whole piece.