Caught Smoking!

I still remember the day I got caught smoking as clear as yesterday! I used to go out behind my fathers garage to smoke. He got home around 4:00 and I got home at 3:30. I had a good 1/2 hour to have one or two smokes. That day he was home early, and I didn't know he was in the garage (It had no windows) So I went back for my daily smoke when out of nowhere comes my dad! He caught me red handed! He dragged me in the garage and gave me a good one with the belt! The only smoking that day was my butt!
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I can relate-- my last ever spanking I was 15 soph year in HS. Had a few friends over on fri nite hung in the ba<x>sement and we'd sneak out back behind the house and smoke ciggs. Right after we came back from one my dad came to the ba<x>sement to tell us it was midnight and time to wrap things up. He was looking at me funny....then he i smell smoke have you guys been smoking? We all shook our heads no.... dad held his hand out...then what are these i found .....busted he found our butts. Time for all of you to go home.... and (looking at me now) you march straight to your room and wait for me .... we're gonna deal with you smoking and lying on the seat of ur pants!

well at least you got that last spanking on the seat of the pants and not with them off. And he didnt whip you in front of your freinds. How embarrassing it would have been Did your dad call their parents and did any of them get punished? Whats the worst spanking you got and were any bare bottom?

I feel for you jrt1.<br />
I was caught Smoking at age 13. I had my hide tanned. I was also grounded for 3 weeks I have been spanked a couple more times during the grounding. I got 5 swats in school by the principle but when I got home I was Over my Moms knees and spanked bare.

Good for you!!!! No she was lucky she was not spanked that day, she is daddy’s little girl!, she always got away with murder with my dad! But in the end of the day it was my own fault because I now it was not allowed to be smoked at school and even if I did not smoked, a was sitting with the group of friend that day!!! Lessen got learned very well!!!!<br />
So if you ever find your own kids some day smoking how will you handle the situation?

No Pokenon 18, I don't smoke now, but I did for years after that day! That's lousy what happened with your sister! I hope your dad at least spanked her too!