My father and step-mother we very verbally and physically abusive. It never stopped me from pushing buttons. Yet, I still remember how bad it hurt when they would take a metal spatula, heat it up on stove, pull down my jeans and beat me until my *** was glowing bright red! I honestly never recall crying. My dad use to snap his belt together to "put the fear of God in us" as it were. I never got hit with it though. He used the sound as more of a scare tactic. Chasing us around the house until we were sobbing and begging him to stop.

On a lighter note, my mom never hit us and the one time she did my sister and I laughed so hard. I can still see her chasing the two of us up the stairs and hitting us as hard as she could where ever she could get us. We were falling down on the staircase in hysterics she kept screaming, "this is hurting me way more than this is hurting you." Ah, my mommy!
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Sorry about the first part, young lady. LOL on the second part.

poor u i spank but don't abuse

I never got spanked or smacked as a kid, and I'm 62 now - never been in trouble with the law or anything. My mothers way of disciplining me was to look sad and say sincerely "I'm so disappointed in you", and it worked. I never misbehaved in the same way twice. But then, I was told and shown from an early age what was acceptable and what wasn't.

Looks like the beatings by daddy-o toughened you up some. Sorry about the hot spatula. Hope you're better now. Love D

I have to be honest I was so young when they started doing that so as I grew up it didn't seem to phase me.