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The Belt

A got a hard spanking i was 11 years old, my mom caught me playing with matches outside at the backyard
I was wearing a white summer dress with a wide leather belt. She drag my inside from my arm to living room.
After a time she scolding like to little girl and she went to fetch the belt. i had to lift up my dress and pull my knickers down to my knees and bend over end of sofa all ready crying. I know what gonna happen next . (I have taste that thin belt before)
Mom double over the belt start spanking really hard on my bare bottom and have trouble to stand still so mom paused for a time to lift up my dress again and took off my own belt, i try talk out of it and beg mom to stop spanking me, nothing works, she had me to stand still and told me it`s your own good and start spanking again. now it was spanked with my own belt (not folded) I don`t remember how many licks i got but it`s was many. After the spanking stops i had a spanking dance around and hold my bottom with my knickers around my ankles (they a slid down when a was struggle) Mom send me to my room a was grounded for a week. Later a look at my bottom in mirror it was sore with red welts all around my bottom and some marks was there for a week
Jennifer74 Jennifer74 36-40, F 14 Responses Mar 18, 2011

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my mom an dad both use the belt on me all the time mom did not care she bared my bottom an gave me good whipping but nothing was as bad as dad when he spank me

Great story! I usually got spanked by my mother bare bottom otk. I can't imagine what she would have done had she ever caught me playing with matches!

she could explain danger in place beat you

how much time did you suffered the pain

did she give you so terrible spanking many time

Playing with matches got my bare bottom spanked hard with the belt. I was at a friends house and we were playing with matches . We were both 11 as well and when the grans caught on fire, we knew we were in trouble. Bobby's mom caught us and we both got spanked bare bottom with his mom's hand , and told to get upstairs to his room. His mom came in with his dad's thick belt and were put over the bed and got a whipping of our lives. When you got the belt it was called as whipping.In those days any parents had permission to punish us if we misbehaved at their house. When we got home we got it again for having to have someone else spank us. Needless too say that was not the last time I got the belt from Bobby's mom or dad

Oh Jennifer you should of known better at eleven years old. If I had been your dad and caught you playing with matches at eleven outside I would of marched you back into the house and straight up to your bedroom. I would of then sat on your bed and told you to go over my knee then I would of lifted your dress took down your knickers and spanked your bare bottom until it felt like it was on fire. I would then have made you get dressed for bed and that is where you would of stayed until the next morning. That is what I do now to my daughters and stepdaughters if I think they deserve it and believe me they certinaly do.

My Dads belt spanked my bottom more times than it held his pants up! I hated it,it stung & my butt would be on fire for what seemed like forever.I fully deserved those spankings & more besides.

I was spanked with a belt on my bare butt when i was a kid until i was well into my teens.It hurt like crazy but it did teach me a lesson,whatever i did to get that spanking i very rarely did it again.x

I think your mom was hard on you, but playing with matches is so dangerous, so I think she was right. Seems that you remembered that lesson well. I also got the belt as a girl, and I remember each single occasion! Would you spank your children with a belt if they did similar mischief?

No Dean it was not last spanking, but it was one of my worst

Jennifer, was this your last one?

Jennifer, I wonder how did You feel if You wore the belt You were spanked with ever again?<br />
<br />
I was spanked with my own belt that I was wearing more than once when about 11-13. It was usually a narrow leather belt I wore with slacks for school or church. Dad was the spanker then. After each of these times if it was a morning or early afternoon spanking, I had to put the belt back on after a spanking and go to the school or so for the whole day - with a sore butt soften by this belt I was wearing.<br />
<br />
Those were the times.

my mom spanked me to for yrs.she use to make me ***** naked before she started if i didnt she would remove my clothes.she would usually hold my hands above my head with one hand spank me with the other