I Saw My Older Brother Get Spanked, He Was About 18 At The Time.

I just remembered one of the few times my older brother got a spanking, he was normally one of those perfect teenagers. He was 17 or 18 at the time and came home and smelled like he’d been drinking. My dad was more mad at the fact that he drove home then the drinking, though he was mad about that too.

My dad grabbed him by the collar of his shirt with one hand and with the other he was laying down some pretty hard belt swings on his butt. My brother was such a baby, he was crying (I mean tears, snot, and trying to cover his butt with his hands). After 14, I didn’t cry when my dad spanked me. Anyways, I saw the whole thing and just stayed out the way.

My brother ran from my dad and made it outside. My brother just stood across the street, wiping his face and probably realizing he left his keys in the house. My dad yelled after him that he could expect a bare butt spanking when he came back. My dad said he’d have to come back in sooner or later. He did a few hours later and my dad cornered him. I was in my room, but I could hear every time he got hit and him crying again. I think he even called for our mom to save him at one point.
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Did you feel sorry for your older brother but at least dad gave him most of the spankings over jeans. Dd he ever spank bare bottom and when he came back in was it bare or over clothes again. When you got spanked at 14-15 did you get them bare bottom or over clothes. Did mom ever see you spanked and did she ever see y'all spanked in the bare bottom after age 12. Did mom ever downy of the spanking and why didn't you cry but your older brother acted like a baby?

I gave bare butt spankings to all 3 of my sons until they were 18.

Best medicine!

I'm sure you knew for what reason and that it taught you a lesson! Lol.

I'm the younger brother and got spanked to almost 24, and my brother got it until he was 25 - we both cried every time.

I got spanked with the hairbrush at 17 seemed worse then the belt more childish somehow still behaved like a kid kicking and wriggling ect

Crying is not only a sign of weakness ~ it can also be remorse, so its not negative, but we male normally see it as sissy.

My bro and i shared a room all our lives until our 20s and saw each other get it right through our teens. i was the little bro and did most of the crying!

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I agree! My experience as well = only medicine that works!

I have to agree. My middle daughter was 17 and came home close to drunk and not really in any condition to drive. We had talked about that and I had told her to call me anytime and I would come get her. When she pulled into the driveway that night I met her at the door, smelled the booze and pulled her to the living room. I sat in my chair and pulled her over my lap and started spanking and lecturing her. She started laughing until I pulled her panties down and went after her bare bottom. I stood her up and bent her over the arm of the chair and gave her about 20 9r 25 with my belt. Her Laughs turned to cries and tears. She never did that again, either.

If he does not have a responsibility 'feeling', then at 18 he is still a kid ~ spanking is the only way for him to awaken his brain, before he starts killing innocent people on the road and causing his Dad pain ~ he must endure the pain himself first.<br />
What would you suggest, Blonde?

There are still situations where only a spanking is the right medicine!!<br />
What is your viewpoint on spanking?