Question: For Those Spanked In Their Teenage Years...did Your Parents Spank Until You Cried?

Did your parents make it a point to spank until you cried?

My dad was like that, like it wasn't done right until I was balling my eyes out. It was very embarrassing in my older teens, crying like a baby! I'd be crying so hard that I couldn't even talk if he asked me a question during the whole thing.

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I'm so glad I didn't have parents like that. The last time I was spanked it was with a hairbrush over my clothes when I was 11 and I managed not to cry. My younger siblings were spanked at the same time and it would have been embarrassing for me to cry in front of them.

Yeah at school. We had the paddle at school and call me soft if u want but getting 10 big hits from it across my bottom caused some serious tears, even when I was 16 or 17 by heck it hurt

Well I was only spanked twice and I never cried. But when I was beaten with the ruler across my knuckle and hands I did cry .

Mine spanked till I cried every time. And to be honest....if either of them ever caught me "balling my eyes out" they would have spanked me till I bawled my eyes out!!!

more like until they got tired of spanking me lol

yes my parrents dad mostly spanked me with a paddle through my teenage years. i got it mostly for curfew and some for chores and arguing. i always cried like a baby. my last time was les than two weeks before i moved out to go to college at 20.

<p>My parents rightly believed that if you weren't bawling your eyes out, the spanking was not making enough of an impression.</P>

My stepfather believed similarly.

I was restrained by chains and locks bending me over a table looking thing
so i was forced in position and then i got spanked intil i started to not just cry but intil i cried so much i could hardly breathe. and after i reached that point
id get spanked 10 minutes afterwards to make sure i got maximum punishment

this lasted til i was 19 yrs old.

mom and dad both spanked me till i was 18. Always cried long before spanking was over. Their attitude was a spanking was no good unless tears were cried.

I always cried,even before I got spanked,but yes my parents didn't feel I was truly sorry until I was crying like a baby,even in my late teens!

This was back in the 70's &amp; early 80's when most kids were spanked,luckily we lived in a detached house so we didn't have really close neighbours.they all knew my sister &amp; I were spanked though &amp; regularly.My Dad was a deputy headmaster &amp; some of the neighbourhood kids were at his school,CP was used there so I dare say he caned or slippered some of those. I didn't really shout out much it was more sobbing &amp; saying I was sorry etc,although I new better than to say stop,lol. I don't hold anything against my parents for spanking me the way they did,they thought discipline was essential. I spank my own girls roughly the same way although not as often &amp; not as hard!

I was smacked until i was 15. I always cried, often before it started

I was spanked until I was 18 year old and always ended up crying, mixture of pain and guilt feeling, when I was a teenager I seemed to regress to much younger midway through being spanked, as well as the pain it was a kind of emotional release feeling sorry and realising I was getting a deserved punishment, as a teen I was talked to far more rather than being punished straight away, kind of emotional release in some ways knowing that after the spanking the slate would be wiped clean.

My mom always spanked me over her knee till I was sobbing and bawling !

At 17 my mum pulled my trousers down (I was not allowed underpants), put me across her lap and spanked me with her hand on my bare bottom. She spanked me really hard until I cried, not even stopping then, so my sister, who was present, recalls. I don't remember why I was spanked, nor does my sister, as I was a very obedient boy. It was shaming for sure as I was fully grown, over 6 foot tall, and never remember crying for any other reason.

Didn't you remember that spanking? If you didn't get spanked often or even bare that one time would have been memorable? I guess your sister remembers and saw all of you while you gotthatspanking at 17. How old was she at the time?

I don't remember the spanking myself; it only came to light recently when my sister and I went to an opera in which the theme was the punishment of a naughty boy and she mentioned it. I can only assume the memory was too traumatic and I just blotted it out. She was 13 at the time and remembers being shocked my mum did this in front of her. She must have seen my genitals exposed as she said she remembers my mum undoing the fly-buttons of my trousers before pulling them down.

Was that the only bare bottom spanking you got from your mom? If not what others have you gotten and what were you normally spanked for?

Memories of earlier bare bottom spankings as a teen have now returned, now my sister has jogged my memory about being spanked as a 17 year old. I was spanked for "attitude" no specific wrongdoing, I was an introvert, difficult boy and must have got on mum's nerves.

I'm sure now there were many others that my sister didn't see; it's just not plausible I was spanked for the first and only time at 17.

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I have to thank all those parents who spank their teenage daughters you are doing a great job of training them to be submissive sex slaves to their future boyfriends and husbands, i have had two girlfriend who were spanked by daddy and it was totally natural for them to be spanked by me and it completely turned them on to be my sub and do whatever i wanted in the bedroom.<br />
Way to go mom and dad.

I cry when I get whooped im 16.

I always cried when i had my bottom smacked,i was smacked til i went off to university at 19,& even then i would be sobbing.

I got a few threats of a spanking when I was in college. I was already a father myself by that time, but my dad didn't care. He was still helping me out by paying for school and said he'd whip my butt if my grades were bad. He never had to, but I know he meant it when he said it!

I cried till I was nearly 16 when I got my last one. The hurt and my bass is super red.

The last time I got my butt whipped I was 19 and I still cried like a baby. My step-dad used a thick work belt that always left welts on my butt The tears were in part a response to the pain but also the fear since I never knew how long the whipping was going to last.

I can relate, I had that fear too when getting the belt. Worrying if I've pissed him off enough to make my spanking longer.

Did you get spanked every year from like 10 on until the last one at age 19 and always bare bottom?

The regular spankings stopped when I turned sixteen. When I got that last one at 19, I hadn't been spanked in over a year. And yes they were always bare bottom.

Same here familyexp, I have a teen son and I have spanked him too. He doesn't always cry though, I mean I'm not out to get tears out of more of a making a point thing with him.

When was the last time you spanked your teen son and what age was he the last time he cried. Are most of his spankings bare bottom or over pants and would that make a difference. Does his mom ever spank him or see him spanked.

yes, I cried my eyes out throughout the spanking over my Dad's or Mom's knee. The shame, embarrassment, regret, and pain are overwhelming. The same is now true with my own children.

How old we're youthe last time you got spanked by your mom or dad and was it bare bottom?

I always cried cos it hurt like hell,it did'nt matter how old i was,the last time i was spanked i was 16,i was still getting spanked over the knee on my bare butt.Most of the tears were because it hurt,the other tears because of embarrassment cos i was spanked in front of whoever happened to be there at the time.

way to go you must have deserved it .I got spanked and yer it hurt and yer I cried .I got the cane on the bare at school ,but never told my parents or I would have got a hiding for getting a hiding work that one out lol

Cried almost all the time, screamed hollered and begged as well! My older bro was much more stoic which made me feel worse for my "carrying on" and so-called crocodile tears!

How much difference in age between you and your brother and did both of you get it bare bottom the same way?

never got a spanking at home,,school was a few times,,

Yeah, to get tears out of a teen takes a pretty serious spanking. Even more so for guys. But that's how my dad worked.

I have been spanked since i was at least 5 and still am but not so that it hurts that much, I cant imagin being spanked that hard.

I always cried when I was spanked, my parents hit me hard and long and make me cry louder soon. On my teens was the same too, I was spanked last time by mom at 14 and by dad at 16, crying like a baby as usual.

When I was crying I was never faking. I think I could even use the word sobbing, for a few of my butt whipping. My dad had punishment down to science, I think once when I was 14 or so, I was crying in the office at school because they called my dad. I just knew I wasn't going to be sitting on my butt that day, I was right too.

What did you do that time in school that they called your house and spoke with dad? Did he have to come get you and when you got home what did your dad do and how we're you spanked? Was it bare, bent over the bed, in front of mom or sisters and how much crying did you do once you got home?

I believe a good proper spanking should be until the person cry's thats how you know you are getting through to them but you have to watch out for fake crying meaning you know your child if they start to cry after the first spank but in the past it was after the tenth spank.So what I would do is spank until they cry and spank a bit more to be safe. But some kids do not cry no matter how much it hurts and you know it hurts by the color of they bottom and if you ask them a few days later.

<p>&nbsp;<br />
My spankings were a specific no. of cane-strokes, depending on the transgression!<br />
Sometimes I cried.