My Son Got A Spanking Tonight

My son was sitting at the dinner table tonight and I told him to take his elbows off the table and to say excuse me when he burped and he just totally ignored me so I got up and said go to your room so I followed him up there and I sat him on the bed and I pulled out his chair in his room and I put him over my knee and I spanked him with my hand I gave him 25 good swats and my hand stung afterwards. I got my point across though because when we got back down to the dinner table he sat there and was polite although he asked me if he could set on a pillow lol. I love my son and thats why I spank him because I love him and want him to grow up to be a responsible person.
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Good for you that is the correct way to handle something like that excuse yourself from the table spank him an have him back down great job

How old is your son? Was the spanking over pants?

Sounds like those kids are going to grow up to be fine young citizens. Yes I explain to my son to before I spank him I just dont put that in my story because I dont wont to bore people when they read it

Thank you another parent like me that beleives spanking is a fine way to raise children

Trust me my son wont do that because im not going to put up with that.

Thank you

I'll be putting a special not about your family in the prayer list at our church tomorrow morning. I would encourage other members reading this to do the same. Hang in there, and God bless.

Will do thank you guys so much for your support. When I told him he couldnt fly to Heaven he started crying and saying he wanted to see his little brother. Then I started crying and he held me and said daddy its going to be ok me and Nicholas love you and always will. Are family can use all the prayers we can get right now.

oh darn now i am going to cry it must be so wonderfull to have your little one sit on your knee. but when he asked for the airline tickets sorry but that just got my soft side give him a hug for me please

Thank you guys so much. As im typing this Jason is sitting on my lap and he is asking me to buy him airplane tickets to Heaven so he can go and see his baby brother it breaks my heart.

My thoughts prayers are with you and your family as well.<br />
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It is difficult to explain any death to one so young, and he really has no fr<x>ame of reference to understand it - as I'm sure you are struggling to understand it yourself. The best thing you can do is hug and love him, and let him know that you are there for him. Be strong, but don't put a need to be strong ahead of your own need to grieve. God bless.

Thank you so much your story has shown me im not alone. My son did cry when we told him his brother was with God but that was to be expected. My four year old sons name is Jason and my son who passed away his name is Nicholas.

my dad<br />
just a short note to let you know that my prayers are with you , i know the pain of loseing a son. my wife and i where told she was carring twins we felt so gifted unfortuatly one was still born but at leased we had the other one to love and charish i feel for your loss and hope you find the strength to get over it you will never forget the loss but life must go on.( my boys would have been named Brody and cody ) cody was still born. god bless you in your time if need TIM

Thank you so much my 2nd son today was born still born and im hoping that im a good enough parent to explain to my son that his little brother isnt coming home with us because he has been so excited about having a little brother. Does anyone have a mehtod of helping me explain his brothers death to him?

Sounds to me like you are a great dad. I raised 2 sons, and it's a tough job, but it sounds like you have a good handle on it.

He was warned all day at breakfeast he did that and then at lunch he did the samething and I put him in timeout for that and apperantly it didnt work.

Thank you guys and he was really good the rest of the night and we havent had any problems today either. Im hoping im being a really good daddy to him.

Thank you and the funny thing is is that most people that think spanking is abuse are people my age im 19 and yes I believe in spanking my son when he needs it.

Good for you. There are a bunch of people that could learn from you. Too many people think spanking is abuse but it is not.